Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini on 'Killing Them Softly' and Saucy Chanel Ad

What Angelina Jolie Thinks of 'Killing Them Softly'

The film suggests that the people running the mob and the people running the economy have a lot in common. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are all in the cross hairs, and not even Thomas Jefferson escapes unscathed.

"The movie is almost like a political cartoon," Dominik said. "It does exaggerate certain things for effect, but it's certainly one way to look at America."

Politics aside, those hoping for good, old-fashioned mob movie violence will not be disappointed, and that's where actor Ray Liotta of "Goodfellas" fame comes in. Only this time, Liotta's character, Markie Trattman, is on the receiving end.

"It was a whole different thing to take the beating, and really hard," Liotta said. "And I wanted to do it all myself I didn't want a stunt guy to do it because I thought it was important to show real fear."

Dominik said he wasn't sure about casting Liotta in the role at first because didn't know how the actor would feel about being the punching bag.

"Any scene involving violence at all hinges on the performance of the victim," Dominik added. "And I was just really impressed."

There is no question that "Killing Them Softly" is a hyper-masculine film. There is only one woman in the entire cast and she appears briefly as a prostitute.

"I think any movie that deals with violence in some way is also dealing with masculinity," Dominik said. "If I could've done a completely without women, I would have."

As for women watching the film, one can't help but wonder what Angelina Jolie, the mother of her and Pitt's six children, thought of it.

"She actually likes the film," Pitt said. "She's a tough audience and she like this one a lot. I didn't really ask her why, I just took that and--"

"And ran," Gandolfini chimed in, laughing.

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