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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


Trayvon Martin's parents describe taking on new roles as activists

Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African-American teen, was killed five years ago and his parents have stepped up to speak out against gun violence.
Feb 22

This family lives with a bison called 'Wild Thing' inside their house

Longtime rancher Ron Bridges said they kept Wild Thing for his son to train and he ended up becoming a house pet.
Feb 22

Inside 'The Bachelor' mansion, which is a family's real-life home

Twice a year, the Haraden family moves out of their California home and stays in a hotel for six weeks while the show is filmed.
Feb 22

ESPN docu-series reveals new insights into OJ Simpson, Trial of the Century

Feb 21

Behind the scenes with Ryan Gosling, leading man of 'La La Land'

Gosling opens up about his early days in Hollywood, the Mickey Mouse Club and learning to play jazz piano for his Golden Globe-nominated performance.
Feb 21