Golden Globes 2012: 10 Best Quotes From Backstage


George Clooney (winner, best actor in a motion picture drama, "The Descendants," on Ricky Gervais: "I think he did a great job. I think that tonight was a much tougher gig because … there was so much buildup to it, it was almost as if, how rough can you go at that point? Who knows what he was going to do. And I thought he handled it well, tonight he was like a proper, good host again. I thought that he was fun. I think people were expecting a lot of trash talk and he did what he does well."

Kelsey Grammer (winner, best actor in a TV drama, "Boss") on how his new twins will change his working life: "I'll just be more tired, actually. It wouldn't change the way I work. It just might change the amount of time I have."

Octavia Spencer (winner, best supporting actress in a motion picture comedy, "The Help," on her shoes: "I'm sorry, y'all. I love you, but I have to kick these shoes off. We lasted but we're done. … Christian Loubutin, I love you, but when you have this much weight you've got to … ooh, give us a bit more platform."

Meryl Streep on cursing on TV (she said "s*** in her "Iron Lady" acceptance speech.) "I can't believe I said s*** on TV. I can't believe that. I would never do anything like that. … It was just, I left my glasses at the table, and I had this speech and I couldn't even see it. Would you like to hear it now?"

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