10 Surprising Celeb Spring Splits

Because Carrey's two marriages and multiple engagements never lasted longer than seven years, Lieberman said that one of the reasons for the split could have been his fear of commitment.

"Reports claim that Jim got fed up with Jenny's ongoing cajoling of him to help her career," Lieberman said. "But Jim has a history of being a commitment-phobe, so it could well be that he was just feeling smothered after so many years in the same relationship."

Perry said that the spilt may have more to do with McCarthy's priorities -- her son and her efforts to increase awareness about childhood autism.

"They were a wonderful duo," Perry said. "It sounds like this is a case of two big personalities that have priorities of their own going in opposite directions. Also, there have been rumors that Jim has been battling depression. McCarthy already has a son with special needs, and it sounds like she doesn't have the time to focus on him and his significant amount of needy attention."

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes

In a case of life imitating art, Winslet and Mendes broke up after he directed her in the critically acclaimed dark tale of marriage gone wrong, "Revolutionary Road."

After seven years together, the couple, both Oscar-winners, announced the split in late March through a statement released jointly by their lawyers.

"Kate and Sam are saddened to announce that they separated earlier this year," the statement read. "The spilt is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement."

Perry said that the couple was pulled apart by their career aspirations.

"Part of what led to the split was that Sam wanted Kate's career to take a backseat while he worked on some projects," Perry said, "to which she obviously said no. They genuinely respect each other, and I think they are just both ambitious people. You can't both be No. 1."

Kim Kardasian and Reggie Bush

With both Kardasian and Bush being so young, it makes sense that this wasn't a relationship that was going to last forever.

The pair had spilt before, but this breakup, announced in late March, seems to have been the nail in the coffin.

The two seemed happy and partied together when Bush's team, the New Orleans Saints, won the Super Bowl. The two even vacationed in Costa Rica in early March.

Since they parted ways, Bush has been partying in New York City, and Kardasian has just finished shooting the second season of "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami."

Perry said that the young stars have opposite schedules.

"They are both working and touring in different places," Perry said. "They are both stars and they both probably have big egos, which we know doesn't work. They had issues, but they gave it a good shot."

Lieberman said that the spilt probably has more to do with Kardasian's obsession with the spotlight.

"Kim and Reggie's relationship seemed like it was more about Kim wanting to parade him for the cameras than a deep love," Lieberman said. "Apparently, her obsession with the Hollywood scene has turned him off. He's said that the kind of wife he wants to settle down with would be more of a support system for him, rather than someone who is so ambitious for herself."

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins

This longtime Hollywood couple surprised the world with the announcement of their breakup before Christmas. Though they split last summer, the news of their parting after 23 years continues to reverberate.

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