'Mad Men': Jessica Pare Kisses and Tells on Don Draper

Photo: Q&A with Mad Mens Jessica Pare

Jessica Pare plays the role of Don Draper's secretary and fiancee, Megan, in AMC's popular drama, "Mad Men."

ABCNews.com asked the Canadian actress to kiss and tell. She did, and here is our interview:

Have you had a lot of attention since the season finale of "Mad Men" Sunday night? What's that been like?

It's crazy. It's great and wonderful. I feel very fortunate, but I am not surprised. The show has a lot of really great fans who like talking about it. But it's certainly shocking to see my picture everywhere, and I guess that it started to feel a little overwhelming. But I love this show and being a part of it.

Video: Mad Mens crying screen.
"Mad Men" Don Draper shows his emotional side

How much are you like Megan? A lot, actually. I am from Montreal. I do have a father who is a professor, although Matt [Weiner, the show's creator and executive producer] didn't know that part. And I do have funny teeth.

What was that all about -- the throwaway line about your bad teeth?

I think it's a moment where it's sort of intimate between the two of them. She's being open and vulnerable and he is asking her about her evening. It's something that bothered her.

Do your teeth bother you?

I rarely think about them, although it's happened before that I get comments and that, of course, makes me self-conscious. But I never get anything stuck in my teeth!

How did you learn you got the part of Megan?

I was told that it was a recurring part and I thought that meant only a few episodes. I had two or three lines for the first few. I remember being so excited that I had to pull the car over when I was going to the first costume fitting, because I was freaking out so much. I didn't want to allow myself to be so excited. I was happy going to the table to read, but when I got the script, I only had one line. It was "Yes, Joan."

The marriage proposal was such a surprise. When did you know about it?

Because Matt [Weiner] is so secretive, which I think is amazing and a great way to be, nothing is spoiled. The challenge for me was to only play what was on the page. I didn't want to speculate. Everyone likes to speculate and they do it online as well. I didn't -- I don't want to be disappointed. So Matt called me in the week before we started shooting on a Friday. We had the table read on Monday and when I first heard, it almost didn't sink in, because it's a really, really big deal for me as an actor. It's such an amazing cast and they are all so talented and it's so beautifully written and such a lovely part to have.

Every woman in America wants to know: What was it like to kiss Don Draper?

Jon [Hamm] does that once a week, but it certainly can be very awkward to do that kind of a scene. He is very comfortable, which helps. He's so thoughtful and such a lovely person and a great actor. And it's not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Is Jon Hamm anything at all like Don Draper?

I don't know him that well. We worked quite a bit and I really like him. When you break Don Draper down on paper, it doesn't look very good. But we all would agree there is something you still go for. He is very charming and obviously has great looks. Jon Hamm is very charming and really interested and really curious. He is also very smiley, which isn't very Don Draper. And he's very, very funny.

Why would a nice French Canadian girl like Megan get involved with Don Draper, who drinks too much and has three kids? Surely, she knows he's a ladies' man.

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