Paris Hilton: From 'Celebutante' to Billion Dollar Mogul


"It's the character that I developed for 'The Simple Life.' They wanted a character that was an airhead with a baby voice, and so that's a character that I do, and I had to do it for five seasons," she said. "And so sometimes when I'm on camera I'll revert back to it, just because I'm so used to it because I did it for so long."

She defends her behavior on the show as mere entertainment and part of the world of reality television.

"I need to make people laugh. So if I'm always serious about everything I do, it would be boring. So I like to entertain people and make people smile," she said.

Yet everything on the finale of the show's first season, which airs Wednesday, isn't fluff. Some serious and even searing scenes include a tearful exchange with her mother, Kathy Hilton, where Paris is making what appear to be veiled references to her drug and alcohol arrests. The show has also featured fights with her then boyfriend, Cy.

Yet the ratings for the series have been bleak, and the low numbers have many entertainment writers asking whether Hilton's run in the limelight -- which started at age 16 -- is now over.

Though Hilton said that she doesn't feel that the people following in her footsteps, like Kardashian, are overshadowing her, and that the ratings on the show being low don't bother her, she walked out of the interview with the mention of her moment having passed.

When Hilton did return later to answer more questions, she managed to end the interview on an affable note, showing off her massive, air conditioned dog house -- and she even ended the interview with a hug.

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