Scott Wolf on His 'Complete' Family, New Movie and Life After 'Party of Five'

"It's based on a true story about the unexpected turns life can take and your own mortality," Wolf says of the film. "Your own life and death can change in the matter of a moment. The matter of a meeting, meeting the right person at the right time."

The movie is about a rock star who plans to kill himself on his 37th birthday, but he meets a woman and falls in love.

Wolf's "generally a pretty happy person," and he's definitely never had dark times like the main character in this film. But the low point he did encounter was offset by the meeting of his wife in 2002 in New York, a couple years after "Party of Five" ended.

Wolf didn't want to get into specifics, but said at the time he met Kelley, she "saved him" in a way when he needed it most.

"I was still very much a product of the dysfunction I grew up with in my life and it was holding me back, mostly in my relationships," he said of when he met his wife. "I just had these patterns I wasn't able to outrun. Mainly because I just fell deeply in love with her, all these old things I had been doing for years, were just not working anymore."

He continued, "But she was gracious enough, kind enough and loving enough to walk through it all with me, rather than allowing herself to get pushes away ... I feel very lucky that our marriage is based on trust and love and kindness to one another. It's why it feels as complete or as strong as it does, not just because we are into each other, but also because we walked through a lot of s--- together."

Wolf added that after "Party of Five," he really focused on his personal life being the focal point and wasn't going to immerse him self in work again. Now with this great family, he feels his personal life is "in tact."

Wolf is featured in shows like "Perception" and "The Night Shift" and is once again leaning into his work completely.

"I'm seeing more and more roles that I'm interested in," he adds. "I'm about to do another film next month, a script I really love and character I'm excited about playing. I am excited about this next chapter in my career. I am excited about throwing myself into my work, know the rest of my life is there."

With that said, "I'll be 88 years old and have somebody come up to me and talk about Bailey from 'Party of Five.'"

"37: A Final Promise" just opened in Los Angeles and on Video on Demand and will open this Friday in New York.

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