Steve Harvey Answers Viewer Questions and Offers Relationship Advice


Donna J. wrote: "I can't seem to trust the man I have been with for seven years, even though he has never cheated on me that I know of. Can you please help me? I am driving myself crazy."

Harvey's reply: You are driving yourself crazy. He has never cheated on you. You are playing a bunch of scenarios in your head based on what you've heard or read or based on your past. You are creating a problem that might not exist.

Shana S. wrote: "For about the last five years my husband has been ill with a variety of things from diabetic symptoms to cancer. Throughout this time I have done anything and everything he or doctors have asked. Problem is I now feel like a full time caregiver, not a wife. I love my husband, but desperately want and need more. What do you suggest?"

Harvey's reply: Is he doing everything in his power to take care of himself too? If you are with a guy who is not taking care of himself and not trying, if it's something he can prevent, he needs to take care of himself too. You can't be the only caregiver. If it's weight or the way he's eating, it's not your job just to just hold hands and go downhill with him. If he is doing what he can, I think it's nice to stand by your man, but not if he's jumping off a cliff. You don't want to go over the cliff with him.

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