Music Notes: Courtney Love's Legal Battle

Courtney Love's latest scandal finds the punk rocker accused of acting like a bit of a squatter.

The singer-actress is reportedly being sued by Vancouver homeowner Peter Ashby for $40,000 in back rent.

Love apparently intended to stay at his house while filming the movie 24 Hours nearby and had rented the accommodations for roughly two weeks. Guess his house wasn't what she had planned on, since Love moved out after one night.

Regardless, Ashby wants his money. He claims he tried cashing two checks for $15,000 from Love but came up empty because she stopped payment.

Love has two weeks to respond to his court filing in British Columbia.

In other financial news, Kid Rock is having his own payment problems. The flamboyant rocker went to court in Michigan asking Kelly Russell, the mother of his son, to pay up her designated child support of $25 per week.

She was ordered by a judge to pay the sum last year, and Rock's attorney says she's only paid for two weeks since October.

The chart-topping artist says he is not trying to be a penny pincher; he just wants Russell to be responsible and take part in raising their child.

Backstreeter's Boating Boo-Boo

Nick Carter may want to be a little more careful next time he gets behind the wheel of his boat.

The Backstreet Boy was recently piloting his 45-foot luxury cabin cruiser in Florida and ended up literally stuck in a shallow seagrass bed.

He was forced to abandon ship, and apparently left behind a bit of a problem. The seagrass is a protected plant and there is a fine for damaging such foliage. A local newspaper reports marine biologists will investigate the damage before determining the fine.

Star Treatment for the Pope

Times have surely changed for the boys of Aerosmith. Two of the former party animals, Steven Tyler and Steve Perry, are joining the spoken-word CD tribute to Pope John Paul II.

The project, which has been tossed around for over a year, is back on track and intended for a fall release.

Other celebrities who will be reading prayers written by the pope include 'N Sync, Faith Hill and hubby Tim McGraw, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears and Brooke Shields.


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ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.