Chris Robinson Preps for Tour, Not Survivor

Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson is finding that having a famous wife from another area of show biz — Golden Globe-winning, Oscar-nominated actress Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) — tends to crank up the rumor mill a few more notches. The latest report surrounding the couple: that they plan to try out for the next series of Survivor. Totally bogus, according to Robinson.

"I don't know what that is," says the singer, whose group releases its seventh album, Lions, on Tuesday. "Someone mentioned that to us, but I have no idea what that's about. I don't even watch Survivor; I watch Sexual Harassment Island, or whatever that thing is."

Robinson has a different, and presumably much more pleasant, ordeal on the horizon — the Tour of Brotherly Love, which the Crowes kick off on Friday in Las Vegas with Oasis and Spacehog. And while the latter's Royston and Antony Langdon get along fine, Robinson and his brother Chris have their share of public spats — though their feuds pale in comparison to the explosions between Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis.

Nevertheless, Robinson says the tour "is going to be excellent, definitely. I got to hang out with Noel a little bit when [the Crowes] were just in England, and they're excited. I think for him it's that non-pressure thing the [Jimmy] Page tour presented to us last year; they're in the middle of making a record, and he wants to be around a band like us and get on the road and play. We want to be able at the end of the night to have them come out and do songs with us, do some cover tunes; I'd like to try to get Liam to sing 'Teenage Head.' Noel said it best; we did an interview together, and they asked us why we were doing this, and he said, 'Because we want to and we can.' That said it all."