Music Notes: 'Sopranos' Hit Record Stores

As Sopranos fans debate who will get whacked on the upcoming season finale, they'll be happy to know they can keep discussing while listening to another set of tunes from the series.

The second Sopranos soundtrack is now out. Peppers & Eggs is a double CD with a mix of dialogue from the series and some of the songs used on the HBO show.

Among the tracks: Bob Dylan's version of the Dean Martin song "Return to Me," and the Kinks tune Living on a Thin Line.

Madonna and Britney Do the Beatles

Sir Paul McCartney has given the go-ahead for a tribute album to his late wife, Linda. She died of breast cancer in 1998, and he has recently been on a poetry reading tour discussing her illness.

The tribute album will raise funds for a cancer charity, while offering some eclectic covers of Beatles tunes.

Rapper Dr. Dre, Madonna and Britney Spears will contribute songs along with Julian Lennon, who is expected to perform the 1969 song "Blackbird."

Sting Unplugs for Live Album

Sting plans to release a live album — the day after he records it.

The pop singer tells Reuters he wants to record an acoustic album in a small pub in Europe, along with some of his old friends as surprise guests.

The album is expected to include new versions of the material he's currently performing on his Brand New Day tour. The catch is, he wants to release the album the day after it's recorded.

Sting will also try out the very American musical style of bluegrass. He joins Melissa Etheridge and Elton John as guest artists on an upcoming Earl Scruggs CD. Scruggs is one of the top bluegrass bandjo players alive.


Etheridge will release her autobiography, The Truth Is, June 26. … And, Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow will appear on Tony Bennett's new CD, Bennett Sings the Blues.


ABCNEWS Radio and's Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.