Music Notes: Shaggy Tops Charts

Reggae singer Shaggy is looking to become the next musical superstar. His album Hotshot is enjoying its fifth week atop the Billboard charts, and he wants more.

"I want a hit career," said the singer, whose hits include "Angel" and "It Wasn't Me." He's even talking about himself in the third person: "I want to go to the next level. I want you to look at Shaggy as a potential star, as a potential career artist."

He recently switched from Virgin Records to MCA in the hope that the new label will take his island-inspired sound more seriously.

"They didn't look at a reggae artist as a career artist, as something they want to build, they weren't thinking about artist development, they basically wanted to hustle it, it's like a fad, 'Oh OK, this is happening, let's jump on that fad and when it's over, it's over.'"

While it might seem like he's an overnight success, Shaggy is reminding folks that he's been on the charts since the early 1990s with songs including "Oh Carolina" and "Bombastic."

"I'm not new to hit records," he said. "I want a hit career."

Flashdance on Broadway

Jennifer Beals' classic role as a construction worker/dancer is headed to Broadway.

Variety reports the stage version of Flashdance could be making curtain calls in 2002 or 2003 and will tour the country. It will revive the hit songs from the 1980s' movie along with 10 new tunes.

The announcement comes on the heels of the VH1 Behind the Music episode on the movie, with all the principal cast members talking about their current projects.

Beals, who is not involved in the stage musical, says she's still acting and returns to the screen in The Anniversary Party this summer, directed by Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming.

Mommy Groupies

Teenage girls are not the only ones chasing after the guys in 98 Degrees. For them, it's the moms who are a problem.

Member Drew Lachey says often maternal ones are propositioning them — sometimes with their daughters.

"A lot of guys' fantasy is two women, but a mother-daughter is a little tough; bridging the generation gap is a stretch for me," said Lachey, who is married.


Country star Shania Twain will soon have a new voice in her life. The singer is expecting her first child with husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange, who is also one of her songwriters. … Mariah Carey is looking for a big payday with her new record deal. The New York Daily News reports she wants a four-record deal that would bring her $25 million for each album. If she gets the payout, it would be the biggest deal in history, surpassing both Madonna and R.E.M., who will release a new album this spring. The Georgia band's new video debuts on MTV2 and VH1 next month.

ABCNEWS Radio and's Buck Wolf and Nancy Chandross contributed to this report.