Lindsay's New Beau: The Best Fit for a Recovering Party Girl?

Currently trying to ply his trade as a TV presenter, Calum's professional life pales when compared to that of his latest conquest. And so do his personal issues.

Aside from checking into AA meetings, Lohan has been dogged by rumors about her dramatic weight loss. She managed to crash her $200,000 Mercedes-Benz three times in 2005 alone. When filming her latest movie, "Georgia Rule," last year, Lohan received a letter from the film studio's CEO accusing her of acting like a "spoiled child" after her constant tardiness threatened to delay production.

Meanwhile, the intimate parts of Lohan's body have been "accidentally" exposed to the paparazzi so many times that it's a wonder she bothers to still wear clothes.

"The first rule is that to be taken seriously you need to act seriously, and a young woman in recovery really should stay away from the party scene," said Levine, who worries that too many of today's young actresses become better known for choice of vodka than for their roles on the big screen. "If you want to be taken seriously, you cannot act like a goofball."

So another party-loving A-lister and party-loving wannabe get together. Will it last the distance? Maybe Britney Spears is best qualified to answer that one.

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