How the Other Half Lives

The visiting celebrities either rent from within the network of celebrities who own in the area or can have their representatives pay a visit to Vacation Rental By Owner, a site with a list of palatial homes. Prices start at a few thousand for a one week stay but much higher prices can be found. For instance, one four-bedroom property is available for $15,000 per week but the owners are kind enough to give one week for free if you book for a full month.

"The area around here offers a quiet little getaway, it's very secluded," said Lindsy Talmage, who is guest relations coordinator at East Hampton Point, a luxurious resort visited by Drew Barrymore and Keanu Reeves among others. "It's like a home away from home but with a classy, relaxed atmosphere."

So, young Hollywood unwinds by the Californian coast amid swaths of luxury goods while the older heads seemingly find their downtime best served by turning inland or heading east.

The eclectic mix of what constitutes relaxation for the stars aside, one thing is for sure. It's no fun getting in late on where the action is at.

While the Polaroid House for now still has its allure, celebrity status for properties is much like it is for its human counterparts; finite and vulnerable to overexposure.

"Everyone wants a place that no one's been to before," said Marose. "There's a big, white house on Sunset Blvd. which has thrown so many parties that no one really, really cool would be caught dead there."

"While in New York, it's being on the list that matters; in L.A., it's knowing where to even find the party."

With that Marose stood up to leave for an interview with Vanity Fair. Whether the aspiring actress who spent such little time talking with the publicity powerhouse will call the number on his business card remains to be seen. As with a week away in the Hamptons, one could do a lot worse.

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