The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2007

In 2005, she got the biggest break of her career, landing the role of Isobel "Izzie" Stevens on the hit TV series "Grey's Anatomy." For Izzie, Heigl drew on her own experiences: When she was 7 years old she spent too much time in a real hospital, when a car accident left her brother brain dead.

"It was hard," said Heigl. "And a lot of the story lines that Izzie, my character, deals with have a lot to do with brain damage, and a lot to do with organ donation, and a lot to do with young people dying. And I'm just … ready for them to stop doing that."

"You suddenly realize this world is so volatile," she said about her brother's death. "You have no idea, at any given time, that somebody you love and care about is gonna drop dead, or get hit by a car, or be in a terrible accident. "

Heigl says that's a lesson she wishes she hadn't learned at such a young age.

"Grey's Anatomy" also presented Heigl with personal challenges this year. The show became the center of a media storm, when cast member Isaiah Washington reportedly used a gay slur to describe her good friend and fellow cast member T.R. Knight. In the end, Washington's contract wasn't renewed.

Heigl says she wasn't glad that Washington was no longer with the show.

"I think Isaiah added an aspect to the show that was necessary and good for it, on some levels. But that's not to say that I don't think that what happened should have happened."

Heigl's personal life is also at peace. In a few weeks she will wed Kelley, whom she met when she appeared in the music video for his song "Only You." Appropriately enough, her next film, "27 Dresses," opposite James Marsden, is all about getting married.

Heigl says she's not worried about married life with a rock star.

"He's mine," she said. "I made that very clear. In fact, he had to post the rules on the bus wall," she joked.

What would surprise people about her? Heigl says she's "not nearly all that fascinating. … I'm actually a really sort of regular gal."

Hugo Chavez's Presidential Power

Earlier this year Walters traveled to Venezuela for a rare interview with a man who said he drinks 20 cups of coffee a day.

But his critics aren't worried that President Hugo Chavez has too much coffee. It's that the man who called President Bush "a donkey" had too much power.

"What does all this name-calling accomplish?" Walters asked.

"I think I'm just saying what many people would like to say to him," Chavez said. "I said he was a donkey because I think he is very ignorant about what is actually happening in Latin America and the world."

Chavez is the most controversial and potentially powerful man in South America. Depending on whom you talk to, he's a buffoon, a political genius, a dictator in the making or the liberator of South America's poor.

Born to a poor family, Chavez joined the military. He first tried for power in a failed coup that made him a national icon, and in 1998 he was elected president. A few years later, he was nearly overthrown in a coup staged by the country's elite. Since then, critics say, his reforms have threatened democracy.

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