Celebrity Parade With Jeanne Wolf


It's a dream come true for Steve Carell. He finally gets to be an action hero in the big screen version of "Get Smart." At first, Steve was excited about trying some of his own stunts. But, he found out it was a lot harder than it looked. Steve told me:

"No, I couldn't do any of it. I couldn't do any of it when I did it. So I think, with the magic of really talented stunt coordinators and people flying me around on wires – I was able to break the window of a bus with my face. In one scene, I have to fly into the side of a bus. And on the first take, I led with my cheek. And I actually -- I busted out the window of the bus, so I wore that with a sense of pride."

Carell isn't quitting his day job on "The Office' even after becoming a movie star. He says, "I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm not anticipating this lasting forever and ever."


Justin Timberlake is more than just a star hockey player in "The Love Guru." He's a goalie who loves Celine Dion songs and watching chick flicks. Justin admits that it was stretch for him to belt out one of Celine's hits while wearing a Speedo. Don't ask. It's a Mike Myers movie. But, Justin told me: he loved the hockey part.

"I could already skate, so I had that going for me. But, learning to play goalie... It was weird, you know, the guy who trained me, he said, 'you're the first person that I've trained that, the first time you saw a puck come at you, you actually went towards it.' I don't know if I have sort of a death wish, but... They started shooting slap shots at me and for some reason I would -- you get all this padding on and you kind of feel invincible, uh, which you're not."

Enough about hockey. I had to find out from Justin what's up with his gal pal. When I asked him if Jessica Biel was his love guru. He replied, "absolutely."


Mike Myers gets outrageous in "The Love Guru" as a new age spiritual leader who wants to be more popular than Deepak Chopra. Most of the raunchy jokes can't be replayed in prime time, but Mike reveals that going for laughs this time had a special meaning for him. Mike told Parade:

"In 1991, my father passed away. Two things creatively emerged for me, one was 'Austin Powers' and that was honoring all of the silly British comedy that my father loved. Then I also went on a little mini spiritual quest. Nothing terribly deep, 'cause I'm not a terribly deep person and neither was my father. The source of this spiritual quest. And ultimately what I came to understand was that enlightenment is to lighten up. Which is what my father used to say all the time. 'Nothing's so painful that it can't be laughed at eventually.'"

Mike told me he's going to bring back Austin Powers for one more sequel. But first he's beating the drums hoping to play the legendary Keith Moon of The Who.