Who's Who: Casting 'Election 2008: The Movie'

Could Julia Roberts play Sarah Palin as well as Tina Fey did?

Finn: Let's face it, Tina Fey would be hard to beat. But if you want a more straight-laced Palin, I can see Reese Witherspoon pulling it off. She's got that spunk. But also, a dark-haired Nicole Kidman circa "To Die For." She's be a strong Palin.

Kaufman: Julia Roberts. You could make her look like Palin -- there's that big, smiley thing about them. Palin's so homey, she's almost Southern. Julia can really carry that. And Tina Fey really nailed it. We'd all go see that movie if Tina was Palin. If neither of those names were available, I'd pick Catherine Keener.

Wilbekin: I mean come on, Tina Fey. No one else need play her. She's perfect. From the mannerisms to the physicality. ... Tina Fey did a great job of capturing all of her idiosyncrasies and also all of her moose-shooting weirdness.

Bowen: Tina Fey, there's no one else who could play Sarah Palin. Just no one else.

John McCain

Robert Duvall has the experience to play John McCain.

Bowen: Ed Harris -- he's played general and military guys before. He has an austereness that McCain has. I'm sure he can be made to look older.

Wilbekin: Ed Harris is charming, he's intense, he's smart, but he kind of has this very hard edge to him. He has a certain endearing quality that we saw in McCain the night of his concession speech. Ed Harris can walk that line of being very strong and gracious at the same time.

Finn: I keep gravitating toward Robert Duvall. McCain's physicality is really part of who he is. He's a man with a life of service and experience, so you'd want that weightiness in an actor. But he's also got a twinkle in his eye, a real decency to him. Robert Duvall has that.

Cindy McCain

Cindy McCain's Hollywood alter-ego has got to be a blonde.

Finn: She's hard. But Stockard Channing as a blonde could be great, or take the opposite tack and go with a Morgan Fairchild, the cool glam. But Felicity Huffman could also pull it off, all polished and put together.

Bowen: Michelle Pfeiffer -- she's a cool blonde, someone who's slightly younger.

Wilbekin: Michelle Pfeiffer's kind of brilliant. She would be great as Cindy; I think Michelle could play this political wife who stands behind her man, comes from a lot of wealth, but tries to underplay it. It's very Stepford. And that said, I almost wonder if Nicole Kidman might be a good Cindy McCain, because she nailed it in "The Stepford Wives."

Hillary Clinton

Laura Linney could channel Hillary Clinton.

Finn: Laura Linney would be fantastic. Incredibly smart and strong, she has the right tenacity. But she's open, and as the campaign wore on, Hilary let down that guard a bit. I think that would be a good fit.

Bowen: Felicity Huffman. It's a tough one. I originally said Amy Poehler because of ["Saturday Night Live"], but [Huffman's] tough and smart and a bit of a spitfire like Hillary.

Wilbekin: Emma Thompson. She kind of played a version of Hilary in "Primary Colors." I think Emma could embody this very empowered, strong woman. She's proven herself as an actress, as a fighter, and as a survivor. Hillary has a lot of those same characteristics.

Bill Clinton

Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges: wannabe Bills?

Finn: Age him up and Robert Downy Jr. could play it flawlessly. He's got the charm and charisma, but also the intelligence and the depth.

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