Candy Spelling's Challenge to Tori: 'Call Me, Write Me'

"My mother always told me, 'Well, you know, you need to be seen but not, not heard.' And I realized I had a voice. And I needed to exercise that voice."

Spellings' Massive Mansion

When Candy Spelling and her late husband Aaron Spelling were building their Bel Air, Calif., mansion, she says she didn't understand just how big it would be.

"This house started getting bigger and bigger," she said. "Nobody said, 'Well, look how much square footage you're building.'"

Now Candy Spelling has put the 56,000 square foot home, The Manor, on the market for a reported $150 million, and she says even she doesn't know how many bathrooms it boasts.

"That's true. I don't want to know," she said with a laugh. "That means I'm buying a lot [of] toilet paper."

In 1968, Candy Marer, then 20 years old, married Aaron Spelling, 46, an up and coming television producer. Aaron Spelling is famous for some of the most beloved shows in television history, including "Charlie's Angels," "The Love Boat," "Fantasy Island" and "Beverly Hills 90210."

Candy Spelling writes very candidly in her book about being what she calls a "trophy wife" to this very famous man. "I was not my own person. And I really didn't know that there was anything wrong with that."

In the early 1980s, Aaron and Candy Spelling spent a reported $45 million building their Los Angeles residence, The Manor. The six-acre compound has a pool, tennis court and exquisite gardens and features a 56,000-square-foot mansion that remains one of the largest single-family homes in California.

The house has a kitchen bigger than most restaurants, a breakfast room bigger than most dining rooms, a dining room bigger than most living rooms and a living room bigger than most houses. There's also a gift wrapping room, screening room, game room and a two-lane bowling alley. (For a virtual tour of the home's library, CLICK HERE, and foyer, CLICK HERE.)

And everywhere you look there are the family mementos, figurines and knickknacks she has acquired in the last 20 years.

In her book, Candy Spelling questions whether or not she may be a hoarder. She says she got the idea she might have a problem while watching an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"I called my girlfriend up and I said, 'You've gotta watch this program. I am telling you, I think I'm a hoarder.'"

Her book takes three full pages to list what she calls "Candy Spelling's Collections."

Candy Spelling says she keeps all mementos because they remind her of the good times she and her husband had raising Tori and her brother Randy. She writes that she and Aaron were homebodies who preferred a night with the kids to any Hollywood party.

Tori Spelling's Bad Memories

In her first book, "sTORI telling," published in 2008, Tori Spelling says there were very few good times to remember and plenty of bad ones to forget. Candy Spelling says she chose not to read her daughter's book.

"A lot of my friends told me it was hurtful," she said.

Candy Spelling hopes this is a year of healing and moving on. She hopes to move out of The Manor at the end of the year. She will be moving into a new 17,000-square-foot apartment, an enormous space that is still only the size of the attic in The Manor.

"I'm not worried about leaving here," she said. "I'm just worried about, can I pack it all up? And what will I do with it?" She hopes she can fill The Manor with some happy memories before moving out after 18 years.

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