Transcript: Whitney Houston: 'I'm a Person Who Has Life'


Whitney Houston: 'Leave the Drugs Alone'

Houston: Don't pray about the drugs. Leave the drugs alone.

Sawyer: Why? Why?

Houston: Don't, don't, pray for me, as a person, for my soul, that I'm stronger. And man, I don't care what anybody else says or did or what they claimed I was, I know I'm a child of God, and I know He loves me. Jesus loves me, this I know. Yeah.

Losing Friends

Houston: There isn't competition. There's no competition. That's my husband. If you want to be my friend, let's remain friends. If you can't handle that, sorry.

Houston: [to former friend Robyn Crawford] And I love ya.

Sawyer: Your father's filing suit against you, $100 million. Do you feel betrayed?

Houston: It hurts. They'll never get $100 million out of me. I know that.

Sawyer: But they claim that you haven't paid them for things they did, like ...

Houston: They were never hired. But I won't get into it.

Sawyer: Can you talk to him? What has he said to you?

Houston: My father is, 81, very sick. His health is failing. Somebody is, who my father's associated with, has put fear in his heart, as if he's not my father and I'm not his daughter.

Sawyer: Do you still love him?

Houston: Absolutely. He gave me life. Before all of this, there were years that I can't forget. The bad part about it is that it's about money, and that really sucks. That's, that hurts more than anything.

Sawyer: When you think it's the dad who dressed you and walked you down the aisle, what are you thinking?

Houston: That moment. Can I stop, please?

Sawyer: Sure.

Houston: Thanks. I'll be back.

Sawyer: Sure.

Meeting Daughter Bobbi Kristina "Krissy" Houston

Sawyer: Do you like to sing?

Krissy Houston: Yes.

Sawyer: Would you like it?

Krissy Houston: Yes, and I want to be like my mommy and daddy.

Houston: Early in the morning, she and I would have private time together when nobody's around. And I'll sneak up to her room, about 6:00, and I'll get in the bed with her and I'll say, OK, we gotta get up in a little while. And I'll rub her stomach, wake the stomach up, wake up your back, wake up the mind, wake up the, you know, body. And talk.

Krissy Houston: You know, the perfect thing is like, on, like, a Sunday or something like that, when we like, like, sit and, you know, we get to watch TV or like, listen to gospel music or have breakfast together.

Sawyer: And what do you like about your mom's voice?

Krissy Houston: I like her voice because it's really nice and it makes me go to sleep.

Sawyer: She sings you lullabies?

Houston: I love you, I love you.

Sawyer: Ten years from now, give me the perfect life for Whitney Houston.

Houston: Retired. Sitting, looking at my daughter grow up, become a great woman of God, grandchildren.

Sawyer: And perhaps, some measure of peace for Whitney Houston, a woman whose ethereal talent is matched only by the uncertainties of her all too human life.

Houston: This is my time, now. You know, love me or leave me. But love me, 'cause I love you.

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