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Recipe for Tempura Asparagus Sushi

Disclaimer from the Vegan Black Metal Chef: I am kinda against formal recipes as I believe they intimidate people and take away their natural creativity when cooking. Everything needed to learn to make the food is in the video.

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Jasmine rice



White Vinegar (or Rice wine vinegar)

The batter/breading:

Self rising flour

White wine


Garlic powder (optional)

Panko Japanese breadcrumbs

Sushi Filling:

Tempura asparagus (see instructions below)

Nori (dried seaweed sheets)

I usually just add some bell pepper, avocado or thin pieces of green onion

Flied Garlic (optional... but really good)

Tofutti brand "Better Than Cream Cheese" (Garlic and Herb Flavor)

Seaweed salad -- You can buy it in little packs in the frozen or refrigerated section of your Asian store. Here is another thing where you might have to try out a few different brands.


Prepare the rice: Pour two cups of water into a saucepan for every one cup of rice (one cup of rice will make about five or six large sushi rolls). Add a dash of salt, sugar and vinegar (about a tablespoon) to the water. Add your rice and bring to a boil. Follow package instructions for cooking. Then set aside.

Tempura the asparagus: Heat up oil in either a deep fryer or a sauce pan on the stove. Start with about two cups of self-rising flour in a spiked bowl. Add a dash of salt and garlic powder. Add enough water to make it into a sort of smooth paste, but not too watery. Stir it together. Add about 1/4 cup white wine and stir. Make the batter not too thick and not too thin.

I like to use three pieces of asparagus per roll. Cut the asparagus in half and put them into the batter. Mix well until the asparagus are coated. This will allow your Japanese bread crumbs to stick. If you batter is thick enough, the bread crumbs will stick fine. If it gets too thin, you can add more flour.

Pour about two cups of bread crumbs onto a plate. Using a fork, pull the asparagus one-by-one out of the batter and onto the bread crumbs, then cover them. Add the covered asparagus into the hot oil. Stir gently. Prepare more asparagus while a batch is frying.

Cook each batch of asparagus for a few minutes until golden brown, then remove with a slotted spoon and let cool on paper towel.

Chop up some other vegetables (bell pepper, onion, avocado) into thin strips and set aside.

Roll the sushi: Start with a sheet of Nori on a bambooroller (can be found at any Asian store), or you can use a sheet of aluminum foil. Dampen your hands with water and spread water on the Nori. Add your cooked rice on top and spread into a sheet. You can wait until the rice cools. Add six pieces of asparagus -- three on the left and three on the right of the sheet -- flied garlic, and Tofutti brand "Better than Cream Cheese" and some of the other chopped vegetables. Carefully, tightly roll the sheet away from you. Dampen your hands again and rub the outside of the roll once more to better seal it.

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