Creating the Perfect Bouquet for Mother's Day

ABC News' Charli James heads to Starbright for a preview of their Mother's Day arrangements.
9:42 | 05/05/16

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Transcript for Creating the Perfect Bouquet for Mother's Day
Coming up but you gotta order has flowered under probably due to Charlie games is gonna tell you how he joins. Live from the right Lori in Manhattan highly act act imagine it is now with all the beautiful blooms popping really busy there. Yup things are definitely in full fling he Aronson is. One of the biggest aid here obviously Mother's Day by the work here start. Days and is before. There are dozens of people working in the building right now and together balloon. Working with three others working upstairs and I'll entered in on the called. And it's just beautiful here and it's mound and he. We'll see that the behind the scenes of how your flowers it make you that you just call someone up our. Put in an order on the Internet and your mileage but there are. Dozens of people here at start rate world times working to make sure that your flowers looked gorgeous I want it to be. Talk to someone here I want to show you some and if it. Designs and the people that are working. And lots of paying lots of pac bell with her mom. But not your every day that her nation here at star bright and early. Interesting and unique. Blooms going on we're also gonna have a live stream. On. Here for the next few hours. I'm just showing all the people running around and all the flowers. But to give a little more detail and info and want to introduce you to it nick Daytona he is senior partner here. Start right you didn't. For three decades. We're or they can no that's not your first trailer Mother's Day. But it is one of the biggest days of the year and their mothers that let slip the super ball pretty bad this favorable right now is Mother's Day. Everybody has more than one mom in their life. And they have to say hi and they have to take care of the moment have to show their future. That's how little Marla talker around and show people that behind the scenes what happened. Once someone put their order and he got it looks like dozens of people working here right now isn't it lately what might even start working on other. Background operation. The preparations started this past Monday a week in advance which is what we start received our orders from. Performance of the work with the we receive flowers pollen from New Zealand from South America. All the plumbers have command you have to be prepared the preparations take place home overnight shifts and we have a full staff works. Overnight to prepare flowers and get them ready so that the designers can work during the and has the orders come in and figure filled they get designed. Which received here right now is our design team that is pretty much working. In a frantic pace getting everything ready. And people want their Mother's Day flowers early sometimes it will actually delivering a lot of happy Mother's Day. Hours today. And every day from now until Sunday if ramps up and he gets bigger and bigger picture. If so let's take a look at some of these behind sugar honoring here that we're different and show this to everyone but what are people looking for are there any trend that here and let our what are people requesting a line. This show are consuming for the now this is a very old does. House along. Color and a half a lot of designed to work with the elements that are. Field for hours combined with some very very elegant blooms. In how few shows purples lavender some whites. And eight are there any flowers that are huge sellers right now there are a lot of flowers that are huge sellers right down tulips are certainly at the top of the list. Peonies and I drink you know also take the centerstate right because they aren't the peak of their season and we're very lucky this year because of the cold weather where we had to be pulled strings so far. And we have a lot of while. Which is very unusual. Around this time of the year. Usually while black doesn't last until Mother's Day but this year we have it and it's fantastic and. Can you show the coolant. He showed me that to be back here earlier had. I'd never been enough flour cooler apartment that is where before they're turned into the design that is where the flowers. Live and hang out. And it after their craft around it this is after their. Looks like it got a Chilean that cooler. Up. Grosans very. Now. I don't really cool I didn't know that there was that he. Flower cool and I guess that's sort of obvious but I think about. How much they go shipped all those. Keep them healthy. And it's Thursday. And I think we can still in this right now on line Marie look at it right there are I don't know we can see her. Is in the collective clinical. Punish its name we can hear organ of actor. We storefronts. We do not have yet but but but we can see her working hard at the it is working hard assets so good look at. This is really amazing flower shop we have seen anything like this where I mean you just have these rows and rows of people just working hard. Their their true artists aren't doing. Have you when you get these blooms in your home I mean it's amazing what they go through to put these things together they're really not really ugly. I was gets a little too cold and that we locked the thick not. I I hope you guys are able to still see it up on the live stream Philip continue where where we left off we will stay out of the freezer. By it is so interesting to see it. Next the behind you. Here but give us some numbers how many people you have liking this weekend. Coming out of gonna go through them. Our normal staff is about seventy people don't work here full time. Because of the holiday there's always a spike and we hire ex. Temporary people. We will peak out about it about 200 employees by Sunday. And we have a pool looks crap that comes on to fill in during the holidays and these are people who were. Freelancers in the industry. And we always have a bank that builds over the years and extra people who want to work them or with the spur of the three day period of the holiday. And like I said between now owns some day every single day we ramp up our additional help. And we will go all the way up to 200 people question. And so weren't one of our anchors was saying that he has not ordered him flowers yet for his mom. Is it too late but let the deadline. It is not too late order your flowers now but we will be here until the very last mom gets her planners. Our goal is to never refused an order. And if we hear any of the phone music concert which was this year we expect to be up until 9 o'clock at night on Sunday. Everybody on their way home will lead with a delivery. So we will make sure that it reasonable order we have every single mom every single. Grandsons. Mine daughter son anybody that wants to say hi to the mormons and their loved they'll be able to. Great and beautiful up here in the also do you have a retail section in the front wealthy can. Walk in and buy flowers as well and also something cruel that it was telling her hair is that. You can also stand with your design economic come enemy custom keys. They will let you hear. Can watch and observe and to rafts and the designers. Create special four. Your mom. Or any case. And I actually think that's very Arlington. You can actually keep it compared it to Benny on outlets. I did not experience her art you can actually the show you all of. I do a lot of folks coming here and actually a lot of our regular customers have a favorite designer. And they won't sit next to the designer they won't pick a base they'll go into the cooler together they will pick the flowers. The designer will consult pretty much the same within a hair styles will consult on you. Haircut that she would want. And we've law. And Doug worked with the designers to create exactly the reentry you want and don't we put the kitchen or restaurant in the front of worst war. To make a very comfortable environment for our customers come in and it was what we do. Well thanks so much for letting ABC news come and get a little behind the scenes look I'll show you just a couple more of the pieces that they're working on. Right now and also this month. And you can also watch for in the next couple hours we'll have the live stream going to you can keep the flowers. Be the designers running around lots of action here at star bright floral designs. Ahead of their Super Bowl Mother's Day. That's on live cattle free throw it always nice thing. The folks in flawless from. I think and.

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{"id":38901519,"title":"Creating the Perfect Bouquet for Mother's Day","duration":"9:42","description":"ABC News' Charli James heads to Starbright for a preview of their Mother's Day arrangements.","url":"/Entertainment/video/creating-perfect-bouquet-mothers-day-38901519","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}