Dan Stevens says Emma Watson was 'terrified' of him while shooting 'Beauty and the Beast'

Stevens appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his role in the new Disney film.
19:03 | 03/17/17

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Transcript for Dan Stevens says Emma Watson was 'terrified' of him while shooting 'Beauty and the Beast'
Gentlemen. Because. Well yesterday we did some dating. And to your past. That's real. I think we may know whom I know and I am. You do. It's okay it's okay. It's OK I think. Is okay. It's going you know and finally for sticking you can. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's pop and in the culture and my guess that it can't even though he's just pop and everywhere in you can see him. On FX in legion. Where we'll get into what he's playing there and then you can see him later on in Beauty and the Beast he's not playing beauty. So figure out what part. Hope you're everywhere density and thank you again this happened a year what's happened you're just keep working yeah that are is that all right it's okay okay it's a good good but I think you could be a little crazy B guest. In the Clinton and a Little League that year yet that this David Haller coming out of the marvel world and the X-Men world. In when he is. One. I think the I think if I can I can't do find the woods does is an affiliate two news talk to find a way to describe okay. Yet I mean it's certainly. If he'd. He draws on the comic book tradition. All of very kind of painful and strange you know us. Body it comes at it from a very different kind of angle and invented the central Carrington. He's a guy difficulties. Parents to panic sell life has sent me exhibiting a lot of these symptoms and this looks strange things happen to him. Which he doesn't understand he's he's Don Imus is one thing institutionalized. Treatment his whole adult life. And then a group of people coming and telling something radically different and it's. This whole realities challenged and has view is we are invited to kind of almost in signs and gritty but. It is it's a very it's a character that in the first three episodes that theme. I don't hear much about the act. Knows you don't need to really I mean. You can know that it takes place he inning universal no entity that's not read the material to what we eat what we did. Getting. There's definitely little hint some times here and Aaron. I don't need to secretly you know he is he is this of the lost some of professor acts since that the Patrick Stewart and monopoly character from the X-Men. The stories. You know and is therefore very very powerful mutant but we get that that's not really we get through that the last I still have that after India where I'm in Canada or not that I think. Do the show we'll still take you on on a pretty Brian. I bring up the named Noah Hawley who is doing this because this is guy who has approached this matier in anything from. Another a talking and where that -- why not you know he's he's he's rematch and as John Roman Austin and it to fit the kind of activities. You know and to show that plays ways. Memory and and perception memory the stories that we we tell ourselves and identity being that essentially in the news stories we tell ourselves and if those stories are suddenly. Radically changed too does that make us in you know. We still kind of person we were told we what I felt when I watched it and I'm wasn't the person expect them to watch what that's good but yes it really well chemically old Theo on some what doesn't like it but two cents a I think. This I think it changed it what is. It's been really gone but to be diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and then to have someone say to you what you now. You're pretty messed up but it's not from that right. He's messed up and still feels at least he still sees and he is and and and you know is experiencing. Things in a very strange levels. Robbery helpful it's just we beaten and this that make you mutant it makes you somebody. Somebody different political news is you're not schizophrenic. Right lecture mutant tobacco cases. Old mouth. Move things Iraq yap and throw on top of that you'll so in love. Which is a madness that we rule. Can experience it sometime and I think if you throw me landa on top of the guys already experiencing some quite strange things going on in his life. You know how to what does that feel is that like this this this guy in love and and how this. She then reacting him ill is different you know manifestations while you're in love with a woman who can't be touched exactly which I think is another challenge right. It's a great obstruction you know and is ranked as we head unit great fun you know. Playing playing out a relationship went with that is one of the conditions like a unit of magic passion and love that you can never touch since the beginning. You can't taught how to it just didn't get sent down to. It's something I'm. But I have Covert touching so under the bed under the table and under the joins us with. But it was the thing I'd gotten to do it besides Noah Hawley who did. You mentioned that Fargo season to Rachel but the fact is he did all the that was another shows where a somebody like me he's a big fan of the Coen Brothers movie said. You can't do what he doing and we all went well he did it bright yeah. I mean it was a big big draw and is of those early on says was ready I think a lot of fog friends and come when he when he got in and and yet showing off he delivered something very brash and useful to selling gauging. And you know incredibly low cost just really interesting it raise taxes. The topic game and down he's good and he's good it is bringing together very interesting bunch of people's. You know he had read some of his books I knew he was a very very interesting man. He's fast but conspiracy torment is so fascinating read and it's you know a lot to do with paranoia and conspiracy theories and you know things that I think a lot of people interest and even if they don't believe them this that is. It very fertile ground the story. And then. On top of the heap he pitched me its legion night which was and the Chileans. And that is going to be beautiful it's going to be negative behavior that's it and this enemy we we have seen anybody have consistently taken a beep yeah. And I who laments that sounds that we use a beautiful unique unit of these things. And now line implicitly trusts. And I like now he's gonna very and it impish sense of humor. And he once that it was the plane with with the audience wants to play with his act is festival in an onset is very. You know he's he can get royalties with the United Nations gives you. Which can drive you crazy which is that what he wants Iran but be great for you an idea what there is this city doesn't matter what Randy okay. I didn't know sometimes I thought it was us that these and then it was some other time right and it is that there is visual substances in it is definitely. You know the show that deals along we've we've memory Agassi plays with on nostalgia it's of his sentence that since it environments that you find. Then and then and and it looks kind of like you grandma's house as a sentence and a field. And witnesses and US is kind program and then something. Write something will come into somebody. Produces something and I patty tight saying. And and you you're throwing I know that's not what I thought it's what's going on and actually does that you don't need to know what year it is that story about what club and you have to play it which would make me crazy aunt in the sense that your hearing voices all the time. NASA to have your full concentration your today. Is an ace Erik because usually you do here is that you wanted it definitely I'm hearing is that what you see somebody over there and some of talking to you vote a year yet and we had a lot of fun without noticing the show will. We he is David is hearing. East perhaps different to what I dimension on the day and so. And it was sentenced scenes where I would play the unreality that David is convinced that what was going on was total fantasy and actually was perhaps the real. Thing and buys less convenient. Very fantastical situations. That your I would go this scrape this clinic and is not happening at the David Berry really terrifying and really it's old it's happening right now Aaron. You know being being present all of these eventualities was was a great talents did this me. You switching gears I don't know which came first Beauty and the Beast wore this Wii shop in response. Yet for Yan. And that was and you know that was. Very physical. Role very physical engagement on stilts in this muscles and learning to puppeteer suit you on stilts. Ten in stilts. Now you know women complain about wearing heels and nothing compared to what you and I cut him cousins the ground yet and hammers nations. Small. Well past deceased shall question yes yes yes yes the petite lady and that extra ten inches just really. Accentuated high but what I meant to say was that the physical the musicality of the beast and and no that's of the younger in the don't seem connected to kind of get myself and in shape that that's what to do it. We had to dance because we have be stance beastly she reminds him. How beautiful it is suit to towns as the minister of mines and out of walls he still loves guns and since that clause in the pool has since. He's now hasn't it all in the cubs know how different this is then what we saw the animated movie. John cut to know or anything in terms of the many beauty in the beasts that we've seen yet but it is prints do. That was so awful. That he got turned in to the well that's a big question because it's a big you know to see him. In on innovation I guess we see one particular instance where he intends the field it woman away. And offering in the rose and is so very arrogant refusal road residence. Maybe one ounce as an argument is the rise and but. You can take that into at wide contacts in the skies and a he's a rich kid some of the billion in his unit luxury talent treating women as objects that. You know is not a very nice nice man gritty doesn't really understand. Love on the sort of element levelled things these things can come ago. It'll be fine and he's very has a sense of entitlement which he's. I think you know and and in the fairy tales seeks to teaches that. That is that's really obvious that. Needs to be used to be changed so when you begin in this business act and did you see yourself being in ten inch steel. And basically being a paranoid schizophrenic who really isn't but who's in mutant with the powers. To move things around and destroy us with these would be part of it or what you doing Shakespeare. I did I. I saw it out to Asia takes as a that was my that was really my professional starting point response. And I really. You know the the experience I got from you know back Haskell grounding was incredible but. To get to come to America and trying out different genres working different different fields are different kinds of acts as. I think you know if it's only healthy for for a creative person to can take inspiration from from different. Kinds of formally nine done. It is that there is sentenced schools that come out of England's and you know theatrical traditions of the very strong man. But to come of the him what we've with people in theater and screen actors. Who come from a different. And I how to describe it really is just a different different training different mentality. Different styles and down you know what with some incredible comedians here is Wallin and you know get my head around you know. Comedic side of things which are having gone through for a few years that a reconnect with the funny has been great and has a lot of lot of humor in in legion I think as there's only there's a real hot and these are at least as well in and that's been that's confronted. So we we remember the last time you hear you're just basically left them ten lot of people he could possibly updates instantly what would. This shark he left this shallow yeah that is like the most important thing in my Yan and now I think that eased up on him. This is how about anymore. It's not exit at notify people if I'm telling I mean. To an extent they have I mean that there are still people who get upset there's the people catching up you know there's still people haven't seen it. You know I didn't listen it's possible I don't believe. But you have people who just getting I know that Japan. Sunday airing it puppy is often stress the wells on its way he's very. Sent Japanese finance and difficult season three's use. And it's can believe in what was going on in. No I'm constantly read it in different countries at different time it's Great Britain this again if he had its ability like different. Yap and now I'm constantly apologizing to people and you know that he indeed it is a big difference in England and America but that's the kind of apologies that people. Minded people embrace of the dissident and you can my wife is what's Russia very. Upset. And it's all face it was a terrible affair and then he comes Americans like I want you to apologize to my wife. That's very like direct yes and just like this is what he's what that really trying to say you make me cry in front of my wife. And agencies are just terribly wrong yeah married for yet. The now using to people which brings me back to read. That could do. But you don't seem to be afraid of the challenges that mean you in this world in Beauty and the Beast you do. A challenge that a lot of people are most afraid of people that come on my show that I asked to sing at the end. Are often Petra you aren't I'm well I'm you want patch rising fuel should know I did it. So you can't say I can but the fact is when I am icing on still to a do. Again this ethnic Catholics who believe. And it. We have to do that dance and saying yes stilts and the rest of it is this terrifying new wife insisting she is a singer she she acts the and I hadn't hadn't sung for a few years for whatever reason tightening its tragic tale but I just. The whatever reason have been called upon to sing and I used to sing along and rush hour and a third weapon but this time but not you know. Now on the big screen has been beaten when happy Jack is being paid then yes who is this if this is strong musical elements that region and need your Johnson you should be seeing in and night especially with like 2000 person and much pretty much. And dancing in a lot of a lot of things recently and I think. It's a great thing to do even. Just we've you'll. 'cause stops to go to an ounce less. It it just throws everything. Out of the usual kind of where hustled me through bottler with Emma Watson able to dance when she came into that she's a great counts of securities. Terrified. Of me understandably that I was gonna. Break it toes in these contraptions that I was there are forcing Leland Jones on the ground. That was sent my kids and a few. Think you can fly always tested taken from the ground. Witness that we've been and on the ground. And then what to limp to these to these stilts and once you listens to got that but went down actually the the dons in the stills it was that surprisingly easy I thought it was going to be. A lot more. Tragic than actually once the once we once you broke through that if the area. And that's the main thing I think this week of these these challenges as the fears. Singing in public fears and Johnson in public on stilts school or doing Bollywood number in the middle of it legions seeing some. I think once you break through that it's it's fantastic it's unique that'll cost IWU consummate and the some of that unit of the wolves that we excellence and about waltzing in this the Wayne don't cities. Design what it's designed to make you feel as well Eileen yeah disease that's even months that they write you a new song for decades. They did what to Alan Mencken. School animal and from wrong and yet the beast didn't have a song in the in the animated film not but in the state shows he did. And just because of how we shape the narrative for this when he didn't did the story that B song was telling was slightly. Just in fits and news of the revenue one and it's fantastic in Washington opening can. Come out we've. With teams mean that gun actually reads. Like Broadway hit is like what about this carriage and he thinks. Like yeah that sounds like a veteran and him just you know and NASA. Yet watching him you know Brighton and replies that song as we went along it came came in one day change the course that's better. In and just and it's better to an affinity and we two nights it was nothing nothing cute which is what it is and there was. While we'll see I think that is best way for you to take with just a little bit. I'm not taking note what it has to be it a little tiny bit that's you that's that it I don't know it on a sunny one. Now you did you actually wanting I think for notes and so you only six. Cases. Some have to be of more can be anything that's in the well I mean what I guess what's in my head that unit at the opening up. That goes that they can with this tree line coal ways they can that's going to be what eight. Note this kind that you get that song you get older it's an incredible number of great great song and Taylor's oldest they can. Song as owns. Brian and right should not so you do ever more but you don't get to come back and seeing any Beauty and the Beast itself. There's something that that something the middle to kind of 31 note from Nazi. She they half. Yes it does finite that is just over a year I have had an old song out of the hole in it won't pay the same song. And then it will be featured on the agent because its ideals and feedback that backpack there would be doing. Just don't know one month's August long after it became one happens and I've given you that idea. He then incorporated like it feels and I love. Thank you thank you Peter.

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{"id":46198769,"title":"Dan Stevens says Emma Watson was 'terrified' of him while shooting 'Beauty and the Beast'","duration":"19:03","description":"Stevens appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his role in the new Disney film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dan-stevens-emma-watson-terrified-shooting-beauty-beast-46198769","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}