David Beckham Announces Retirement

Soccer star say's he wants to go out on top.
4:52 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for David Beckham Announces Retirement
And now for all the latest Hollywood gossip appeared to give us that the celebrities Cuban naughty but nice rob dot com that prosecutor -- they see you think your being here have made big news big yeah. And -- -- soccer fans around the world are crying his true David Beckham is leaving -- district. That he is old he has retired I grant that the the -- he's 265. Million dollars on my god he said he mostly got on talk. And says this is the end of David Beckham he still looks gorgeous he looks great -- -- An account anyway and you haven't passed the details he's one of the most recognizable -- -- in the well yes I think we're gonna see a lot more -- -- in many different roles including those lovely underwear. I'll still be good for David Beckham soccer soccer -- -- -- little bit about Angelina Jolie now quest for big news her double mastectomy how she managed to keep this seat for sale. Quick question that's what everybody's asking today -- should be the most famous person in the world -- certainly one of the -- to craft ladies. Paparazzi photographers sit outside -- -- -- wait for her to leave so the fact she got to get into that clinic. Many times and nobody knew about this really tells you. That she really kept this under wraps and we've got to be -- -- Because he'll -- that Joan blades just admit that he's so -- -- isn't -- no idea. And how she's doing that she's fine absolutely writes I mean like that that the the news was very scary she really took hold it -- ended up on the cover of time magazine. What she's done that I think has made people so impressed. Is not. Watched her condition the medical condition but how she handled it and she handled it beautifully beautifully that's what she's done interest -- -- -- spotlight. On to something she really really cares about the timing will appreciate it when she was pregnant she -- that you -- need to make sure with the dot attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- That she's making sure we -- to help us tonight is at where every chance that Jennifer Aniston and kind of statement that's it that's wonderful question I reached out to Jennifer's office many many people. -- -- very tricky position if -- site is nothing. The engines being home if she's gives -- statement. Then the story becomes about -- and I don't -- feel terrible for -- that she hasn't made a statement I'm told she would make a statement. However she will bump into press and reporters at some point. The -- we will ask so she should probably have. One group is probably preparing Leinart -- I have to ask you Prince Harry. -- wonderful visit state diet and -- unless I didn't think it immediately yeah. As we speak to people would apply to jolly old -- But I think everybody in abundance particularly the how police think that this was suspended really successful about how -- -- -- the last time it is clear and limited within a minute something's not just what was and -- wouldn't make good to really prove that -- -- Responsible prince -- when I left Vegas up act in. You don't -- a when he went down when he started as a little bit of a controversy notably while he did a lot of in June as he fruitful for Sunday victims however he stayed here in the city. Some big change in thinking that maybe he should mistake that only controversy. This trip and even finished -- with a little polo game in credit is that an adorable and apple -- and slowly -- -- Paris and Lindsay -- to. Not been in the news lately what's the latest you are out of the new -- -- -- half -- courts wanted to rehab sessions. It did after ninety days she's the you know we can -- -- And already she's gotten a little fidgety what what sources are telling me is that this is biggest -- This been -- concerned it's very sad that she fought very hard as a young -- to be famous and then when she became fed machine that the wanted to let -- spotlights -- -- about. The different and substance issue might be addicted to one of offense we put it beautifully to -- -- that that what she's addicted to his family. I don't know -- today she's terrified that she. Will be forgotten however that's not good -- it has because when Lindsey comes out of rehab I hear she's already locked up a couple of -- a magazine to Tamil. -- -- we will all be talking about it right here on the she got double and a 200 lately now another part we love to talk about doesn't need a visit to not satisfied with being a world famous musician every musician must be an -- idea. You say many of them Justin Timberlake is made up and say hey if but he didn't so intrusive. Things up through a -- about iconic role. That that the John Travolta made famous in -- signaling -- and so we don't have Sox may not be about it do we have any inclination as liberal and that. Who are there -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":19195715,"title":"David Beckham Announces Retirement ","duration":"4:52","description":"Soccer star say's he wants to go out on top.","url":"/Entertainment/video/david-beckham-announces-retirement-19195715","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}