Dec. 29, 1978: Suzanne Somers on playing Chrissy in 'Three's Company'

Somers elaborates on how much she enjoys the role and also recounts her early days of auditioning.
2:09 | 10/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dec. 29, 1978: Suzanne Somers on playing Chrissy in 'Three's Company'
You're an enormously sensual woman you're here. Perfectly attractive you are portrayed as blonde bombshell but sort of on the you know not to together how. Say it can't I can't does that bother me because here they're Smart person deceptive yet that. You know what kind of the wrote that first book I think it was because I want to get away from the typical if your blind to consider it down. And it's funny that that what would bring my success would be playing down I would leave my career I'm enjoying doing that character so much. Wendy said I had a good dumb wanna bet how do you do it dumb blonde. And have. Women like her and then Mike and children like and somehow I think Chris is but I would say. More than half of my mail is from women and now threatened to. Did have the I think every TV critics of this modest cars that people. Should I love I love and there are you hear a real nice guys quote there's thinkers and and they really bomb the show but the public plaza then I I don't watch much evening television but when I do watch the show I really think it's well written and terrifically acted in you're an overnight success there. I ending it now I keep saying ten years of lost track of the last thing I think it's an overnight success and thirteen years. I spent a lot of time knocking on doors. And getting a lot of don't colonists had this happen. Hot because I didn't care paid kick I had gone to. Bahamas to two. Finish writing a book that I was working on and when I came back I had sinner you. And it's and it's strange might my husband my now husband had given me diamond earrings for my for Christmas. And I've never heading diamonds before so I went down to pick them up and I was late for the interview put forth three's company at that. It's just another interview I had done nine pilots that your none of them has so and tactic and TV that tonight as for some was quoted correctly I said. I did so many pilots or with it was a Steward. I made good.

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{"id":50467934,"title":"Dec. 29, 1978: Suzanne Somers on playing Chrissy in 'Three's Company'","duration":"2:09","description":"Somers elaborates on how much she enjoys the role and also recounts her early days of auditioning.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dec-29-1978-suzanne-somers-playing-chrissy-threes-50467934","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}