Trump Holds Strong in GOP Debate Boycott

The Republican presidential candidate stood by his decision in a discussion with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.
7:43 | 01/28/16

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Transcript for Trump Holds Strong in GOP Debate Boycott
You know Donald Trump apparently is not backing doubt react and back in town. And as you would fox news' Megyn Kelly admitted. You know it did not stop him this feud apparently from appearing on Fox News last night this is that he's still not going to lot of state. He's a Bill O'Reilly asks him to keep the saints. Take a look. In your Christian faith. There is a very significant Tenet and that's the Tenet of forgiveness. And I think you should forgive not only. Journalists who come actually in ways you don't like but I think you should be the bigger man you know it's goldeneye for and I guess also you can look at it that way. And I believe you could not old testament to fill out I'm not know executive personally I think BI drug goes out. Here's here's what it is turn any LJ let me tell you taking the latest more seriously than I am. Yeah this is like a fight between making them not to Mariah Carey you don't want it I want to quit now what I. I am. I don't want you don't want to add that to win that argument that not making an I had double vision link here at my hatred was equal for both I was like what's happening here and I. It doesn't think his Donald's also coming after Megyn Kelly now who is staff. Moderating the debate tonight and one of the reasons why he doesn't want to do it and I feel like it's kind of win win for both of them I think it makes me in the great I mean having my theory is that Fox News and trump are actually in cahoots I think there working together. To get people talking about them and it's creating this media frenzy about Megan's on the cover of Vanity Fair I mean would that have happened if not for this I do think it would've happened and I. I used to work with Megan Megan is very Smart she's a very talented journalists. She's a lawyer and I think shoot she. Didn't need Donald Trump to do what he's been doing and let's I think make it very clear that he is doing this because she's a woman. And because she did her job she asked me questions that workfare gains she asked him about his treatment. Of women and what is wrong with that I think what it what has happened in response which is shocking is that many of his tweet you know his followers have been tweeting. These. Horrible things while placing less in eight years and existing. Side also. You know. I don't think. When Hillary goes to do her debate she particularly wants to be asked about her personal life and her husband but she doesn't because that's what you gotta do and when you going to be pressing United States I don't think. I don't think Megyn Kelly. 15. For his deal were and just send. And had his people say horrible stuff about her she doesn't necessarily want to sit there. Speed and deal with him what she does because it's her job answer your coward Donna. York power but have you learned. It's cowardly. Because to meet you are now the emperor that has no clothes I'm nobody wants to get the criticism but this isn't a job but you going to be present United States you have to go and talk to people you may not like you can't. Because you said something a I don't like how you did it. You you're being cowardly and I think people and now start to see what the presidency would you and it will look. Don't like that about him well I think as they sounded because as a journalist my job is to ask you those questions those tough questions and to get at the truth he set those things about women but you know what he did he doesn't have to because he's ahead. And he didn't do it every damn pleases. I don't know I don't know pit right now that I don't tell the people of the United States. As they're looking won a guy who's gonna cut and run because he doesn't like what he's here I agree with that I don't get that that's right now I think people are gone well I think some fans is that vending Roger Elton wants him back they keep begging come back all of our. You know what's fascinating in terms of the people that do think the Donald Trump is is the right candidate. 80000 tweets have been directed at making Kelly since this happened since yesterday exposed. Bitch was tweed if 423. Time was a regular day on Twitter by the way if. Yeah. Yeah I it. Get with 39 times most women are called tanks on Twitter a hundred times actually stock that it isn't valued at 330 I may I call I think we get all say the continent and I called the Alice means on Twitter. That are so up holing because somebody disagrees with Miami union so. This I feel terrible for Megan it's nobody should ever tweet east think about it isn't wrong to anybody want every not quite itchy and enlisted after the special just for her happened since I started reading doing it because you don't Rihanna read that stuff I continue because I like social media and I like interacting with a night with my feet and move but. I can take criticism but it's. Being asked to call me a rude name hot and just block yeah agreed that all three. I was kind of actually impressed with Twitter I'm like well at 80000 speech is only called ugly 592 that's like that's a whimper Twitter could be somebody but those of the milder words the ones that they really said we can't even say and let any little sad day trip. But the fact that he has instead. Listen. That's not how I explain this is that what I'm my mind bits here are about all of this is. You talk about Obama hasn't done this and he hasn't been so yes he's a stand up back he stood and took all this crap for eight years I have. You're gonna have to Donald because you can't sweep the entire world and blow them off and that they don't know how to be real people you have to get. You need to do your job. Why they haven't candidates need to speak up a little bit two against. And were going well now well you know I'm not middles and all yeah nobody's little whale was everybody. Well somebody and then I just me I have to tell you I think it's great from Reagan's career I think it makes her look great and it actually owed them pear tree on the area did I could inhabit this I thought okay it's not good for the nobody's observes her image of it's not I mean you know this is meant in his past and you know we ideology the ideology. To my our ideology does not gel buds he has been very strong she was. Pregnant at one time and some talking head had gotten on and was talking a whole lot of crap about. Women taking leave the pregnancy and she eat him via and it was wonderful. You know these are very cute he married now to Bob and Mary you know I don't think did. Did she is since she would she didn't just spectacularly wit stuff she made up. Now this is stuff he's he's he's dead were at practice he had a batsman who couldn't take it means exactly what you say yesterday. She got under his scam Taylor calling Brandon and only at how what cuts and write edit. A woman doing I think that that plays a big part in this. I remember during the Perry able to committed to making fun of his hair few years ago. Didn't say anything he never takes on film aren't the rest of them but what I did it I was in his boxing has no challenges still pitches barring. The minute a woman does something to hand it makes his hair stands up strange. How many insults your passion and that's putting it down at six. This is our currency all gotten you gotta. You gotta feel I cannot prolong got it. Not know this is no I want this be locked closet forever and I want joint about the way he's just I don't know I'm elated at getting the yeah that don't know the same is Bernie Sanders but yet you wouldn't talk some more about it except segment.

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{"id":36576720,"title":"Trump Holds Strong in GOP Debate Boycott ","duration":"7:43","description":"The Republican presidential candidate stood by his decision in a discussion with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/donald-trump-holds-strong-gop-debate-boycott-36576720","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}