'Entourage' movie in the works?

Emmanuelle Chriqui talks script, show legacy and her charity work.
4:35 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for 'Entourage' movie in the works?
Emmanuel streaky is one busy lady she guest stars on the medalist Sheehan several movie projects in the works. And when she isn't on -- she's working tirelessly with several charities. But Emmanuel found a few moments to come -- -- and we're so grateful Emmanuel thank you so much for being here around pleasure thank you so of course you very famously played Sloan on on dry so many people loved that series even though it's over they talk about it stick. Everyone wants to know when the movie is coming out only now there's there's a script it -- in. And -- hope theme park and movie movie shot to see her. Very exciting to -- now -- and you and Eric go off together how would you like to see their future written. What's -- think that we actually went off to get there and got back together in which we didn't. Because we went on the -- together but actually if you remember and we hugged. At the very end and then we went on the plane together and she has she's pregnant and that that yet in my perfect -- I am -- hopeless romantic I would love to see them -- again there. -- -- -- -- -- your Mueller the head while reading it and finally like perhaps in the -- been great but let me -- of the -- -- and they have that -- for half hour yet even assuming such an impact. On pop culture what that mean to you. -- really it's it's really incredible I was actually talking about the system when yesterday -- -- asking -- about the snow -- it's now it's -- -- it's almost crazy -- to the united how. -- -- for eight years and simple. Just relate to -- apparently related to sex in the city right right there everybody sort of fan who they relate. It's just a little bit surreal to kind of looked at my life zero wow I was -- of that eighteen years in a lot of ways. Television is actually do change television is it true went on for eight years it seems -- -- the lie you know wow look at -- little -- can't take. A look at that he had not necessarily have good -- -- And I am not a threat but now of course -- -- so many other projects going on that a couple of movies in the works and of course fundamentalists to tell us about that. And then -- this is just didn't really thrilling for me because it is so different from onto. I -- in -- Martins and -- machines -- -- -- Right hand woman and that's. She's crazy and that's really fun -- me and an actress who played secondhand something so opposite of myself and get should be. -- -- It was not something I usually ice and that analysts and closer to your real person and I mean in a lot of ways exist he she's shown she's my foundation one of the boys -- this -- -- This I. You know I have to dig a little deeper to find what is happening -- -- -- But don't people. -- You haven't -- yet -- And of course you're also very involved. In charities one of them being the national coalition against domestic violence yes which is also paired up with. But apple has a new partnership can you tell us about it yes so it's it's it's that and it -- also raised hope for Congo. I am very -- the new face of mineral fusion. And for every purchase there's. Money donated to the national coalition against domestic violence and -- hope for Congo. Which I've been working with for years and senate since. It's a wonderful partnership and it's just it's -- line and I am so proud to be a part of -- and natural. You know -- -- -- sulfate free just no no yucky stuff. Anyway yeah you're wearing it must be made. I say let you -- -- hope for Congo what does that charity do so there. It's it's two people that we raise awareness for the women and girls from the Congo. It's the most dangerous place in the world for a woman to exist they used rape as a weapon of warfare. And its fall based in her. And ironically the mineral. To mineral war things that fuel our cellphones or computers. To people unknowingly are linked to you when they called the deadliest. The deadliest conflict since world -- to wow people don't know about it. -- it's great that you're raising awareness and helping the situation there thank you so much for coming to paint himself and can't patent maybe you.

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{"id":18240952,"title":"'Entourage' movie in the works?","duration":"4:35","description":"Emmanuelle Chriqui talks script, show legacy and her charity work.","url":"/Entertainment/video/entourage-movie-works-18240952","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}