Eva Longoria on Why She's Voting for Hillary Clinton

The "Telenovela" star shares her political views on "The View."
5:16 | 02/19/16

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Transcript for Eva Longoria on Why She's Voting for Hillary Clinton
Joining us right now the hot topics table please welcome the start of the company tele Novella producer director fled to visit all around fabulous hot Latina. Eagle on Gloria. Great to see. Yeah yeah I'm irritable as usual when you say that's been out glad I can. Yeah. Man we don't end you ought to weigh in on some of the hot topic no yes. Moving on now a lot of extra but what helped you as well. I'm a devout Catholic so I am a very different. Blowing and you let me abreast. The Pope are resents. For upper Catholics Christ's love. And concern for every individual every individual in the world not for a Democrats not Republican and so I understood. What he was trying to say it even even trump last night backtracked does that. I don't think he meant at the way the media is saying. And and I agree with canned as it the Bible's full metaphors and he didn't mean literally is gonna build a bridge connecting Mexico the United States. He meant. I camrys in the justice too tight. High collar look and act like Titanic. Like them and yeah I got out its expand exits at the biggest bank. What do you man was building bridges with people at and and he represents the most. Compassionate hope we that in a very long time reaching out to all the people on the fringes of the people furthest from the Chelsea. He asked to speak out in my opinion you know not to go into Hitler of at all but during world what till the Pope did not speak out against what was happening to the Jews. And to this day they hold it against him and GAAP history will show that he did not speak out and that was not Gooden so I think that Catholic priest or Catholic Pope what. I leader of other religious institution that has so much weight needs to speak out but people being oppressed. And try to wrap diet grimace but won't. The government ask about what. The women saying it is somehow let you know might you killer Mike was here Wednesday and madam in Amman I have. Well I have to disclose on the Hillary Clinton supporter. I will be going to Nevada later today right after that Diana had with Hillary and Brittany with a movie immediately I thought Hillary and Britain here's Google Adam Arctic cat hair style. But I do you know the thing I think I agree with some of what what killer Mike says and you can't rank oppression. Being a woman being black being being port being you know it's very dangerous to rank impressions it there's a lot of disenfranchise people what I do good than is usually if if at one group is disenfranchising minority group it usually the others are also. Being distant and you know but I am one thing I do think. That people keep criticizing Hillary for our efforts saying she's there are are bringing up she's a woman last time in 2008 in the primaries. She did not bring up her or say on the woman look at me you got hit hit and she got hit and I like feminist one you senior want. I mean it's not issued a woman yeah and now she's she does say and she's also getting criticized she spent a life she's spent a lifetime of her career being criticized and I think it is important and it is monumental I'm not voting for because she's a woman on climate policy is the most walked five. Human running in this race. Everything as if you look at history there's a reason it's called his story. It's history it's it's it's and you open a textbook and if you look at the history of people in politics it is dominated by men I think we do you need. This change and I think it is historic and I think it's okay to say it women should be proud and excited about our because she's the one above sued by him I want it and I wanna make sure people are not voting for her. I want an accident not not voting for just hasn't granted him certainly. Yeah funds. Susan Sarandon said I'm not voting went my vagina I helped some because that can hurt. Yeah. I like getting pounded the kind of check and read Adam pulled out the last yeah. The bonding with of the uterus it noting I'm not voting the units are might have done any of that. Also. Anti feminist and in the sense of you so I can't I you're saying I'm not voting with my brain. Because I'm voting for Hillary now here's Ng icing I think. She did bring some of as a potter because I remember it distinctly in one of the first debate stays and what would you do different. And she's as well I know that you know different than the Obama administration while I would be the first woman. And so I mean and scattered do matter but I don't think it to assume that and your and somebody's gonna vote. He does are saying I want it means I'm I'm gonna bring a fresh perspective to the White House has not been brought when you look at. Reproductive rights in in in it being argued in. Congress and it's been argued by my man and you don't have a seat at the table that's important thing I got to go out and now perspective is extremely important I'm with you.

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{"id":37059558,"title":"Eva Longoria on Why She's Voting for Hillary Clinton","duration":"5:16","description":"The \"Telenovela\" star shares her political views on \"The View.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/eva-longoria-shes-voting-hillary-clinton-37059558","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}