Foo Fighters Front Man Dave Grohl Pays Tribute to Recording Studio in his Film Sound City

Grohl talks collaborating with legendary musicians, from Neil Young to Tom Petty, in new documentary
3:00 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for Foo Fighters Front Man Dave Grohl Pays Tribute to Recording Studio in his Film Sound City
Subsidy is just couldn't keep starts telling parents -- you be I've gotten word religious history at the rock normal ahead. Trying to move on it's been heart. Like many things there's no book -- there's no music store and there's no sense of in this age of technology. Where you can manipulate anything and how to we retain that human let's rock let's play let's reports. True to yourself. And make music that. Chemistry is something that. That conversation became something much bigger how to we -- music sound like people. Sort of like -- and told him. Now that you have. The -- console in your own -- that it's yours so you're keeping deep this goes this. Whatever still haunts us about -- city. -- -- -- I guess it's costing you more than the 76 grand it costs them when they bought perhaps the it is -- painful all. You know it's funny. That those -- desks to such as early ones like they're all a little different they're adults and and what the what each one does to. An instrument -- is all a little different so they do -- the sound that way that makes it. And richer for whatever it is Neil actually -- so cool it -- so hard to edit this. Could you imagine like. I sat down with Stevie Nicks and talked about Fleetwood Mac for two and a half hours and I got. And we -- -- -- movie and I talked in the early on about about analog to digital and I got battle and so every -- -- -- but. And talking to in the old abouts. Digital sound vs -- He made this really cool analogy where he said. He said you know it's kind of like looking at a mountain. Taking a picture with the digital camera. Vs looking at its reflection in Italy. And -- -- that everything's kind of connected like everything's sort of connected together. And that's what I feel like. It's at the same as the story bouncy all the way from -- -- and Tom skeeter to and Trent Rasner forty years later by. It's all kind of connected. And when you tell those stories. It gives all of that music more -- Like that's it's I'd learned that from the Foo Fighters documentary made -- made the documentary called back and forth restricted as prone guy James small. And the movie came out at first I thought. -- cares to give and stories we're you know -- -- could trillion people want the death threats so. The movie came out and also an -- and was. And -- news. And I realized and people on the street would walk up and say you know saw the movie screen had no idea. And -- that they saw us as human beings. And it's sort of gave this new appreciation -- depth to our bands music. Because they -- as his people. And so this is where music and album I think really comes together in ways that. Benefits -- Like. -- music videos. And movie the story of your life. And then right now. I -- -- people with that album and an entirely different way that had just heard the record. Think it's so much more depth and and and and the humanity that what you do now. So we can bring that -- you bringing out the human side to everything that's in this but you say that about people how to people. -- you like that -- that they Dave -- I don't I mean it's weird it you know people don't -- -- on the street a loner. Ago deceptive. -- however say you know back now. -- -- -- it was a sort of see Beers like a dude now I don't get like creepy. Fish net stalkers like and Marilyn Manson wouldn't -- like construction work could. And yeah you know I -- -- you got fired -- going. It's. Underground -- that you guys are like -- it they're relating to absolutely well that's you know it's Springsteen have a great quote procurement -- exactly what was that. You know -- artist you want your your. You want your audience to see themselves. In view you know like you want it's that connection with the -- when -- -- -- on stage it's not like. Not Freddie Mercury. But I and 80000 people together to sing one song. Because they all field. Sort of this him you know and yeah I mean that's what you're trying this is a movie where you're trying to get that live viewing that you have when -- playing music with other musicians yes. Into something that's recorded right which is impossible thing to do not easy not easy -- you're doing. It's I mean. To find that the -- Paul McCartney came the studio was a perfect example. That's that's like the perfect -- -- the next property that -- that helped win. -- when you walk into the room Christmas reception Patton who played with me in her -- Didn't know -- they've never met. -- we did have a song but we all got it started playing by the end of the day we -- this game. It was a big no easy. Masterpiece. That had nobody ever heard it it still would have been the -- side ever recorded because it was that moment now. That's that's you know capturing -- -- that's. Whether it's just tape or whether it's on film that's. That's the challenge and wide document something if it's not -- any document that I mean so in closing. This I wanna askew as the director as the filmmaker that's what that this a million times now that's what you do when you make -- -- right here editing room for -- within -- -- Is sticking your head from your own -- what's that one thing that's in -- -- -- had to pick one and others -- nearly. It's the very it's that intro. Where -- say. We were just kids. That. We -- these songs and we had these streams and we just threw it into the back of all of that started driving because that can -- it every single musician. In the film they are part of -- and the home. And Stevie. Rangers machine every single person and -- it's exactly that that ties all of us together in the story of sound city that we're just. And kids that grew up. -- music and it is now looking. You -- on -- what we end the show all the time and just happens that. You're musician but I always ended in some little bit of song. So if you were thinking of something in your head musically that says what sound city means to you even if it's not a Dave -- song what is. -- I don't know that's. I think. Have to go let it be. Let it be as. I always I always thought that. If we could send one song in the space so that another civilization on another planet could understand this as human beings and it would be -- -- -- and I hear it a little bit of that. America -- think granola predator run every -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Me an answer. Let it be. Be. Being. Being. -- being. There. Are moving -- concern. The. The hospital did thank you for giving them answers with -- thank -- let's get -- -- suggested. I'm glad you liked it.

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{"id":18366238,"title":"Foo Fighters Front Man Dave Grohl Pays Tribute to Recording Studio in his Film Sound City","duration":"3:00","description":"Grohl talks collaborating with legendary musicians, from Neil Young to Tom Petty, in new documentary","url":"/Entertainment/video/foo-fighters-front-man-dave-grohl-pays-tribute-18366238","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}