Zero Hour Premieres

Anthony Edwards talks new ABC show.
3:00 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Zero Hour Premieres
Ladies and gentlemen zero hour is upon -- don't worry it's not -- sinister as it sounds. Zero -- the name of the new ABC drama the show's stars Anthony Edwards and harmony joke out and they join us via satellite to tell us all about it happy Valentine's -- about the -- Anthony let's start with you tell. The premise on which he basically just starts off with action right away on the -- investigative reporter for magazine my wife is abducted. She is abducted by a man turns out to be an international terrorist who. -- character Dick Riley an FBI agent his in pursuit but she's also in pursuit of him because she believes he killed her husband. So. What's this engine starts it starts revealing. A conspiracy theory. The mystery that starts having. A reference back to 1930s Nazi Germany. So we really just -- then -- him and -- and that's where our show kicks off. Yes -- in Atlanta fiction fashionable. And some people were calling this TV's answer to that -- in Chico but it doesn't sound like that. -- -- that might be somewhat similar in times of -- but a week into that hall eleven direction quite quickly. I think it'll satisfy people that are into that kind of which in fact kind of movie in times of the -- -- it. -- mythological references to religious ones. Lot of that stuff and and not a conspiracy there is stuck behind to -- it. But me we go on a -- that is completely original height is nothing like its on television at the -- additional oil and ignited the -- actually tell. Story story line. So it's not it's compared to sunshine but it was a -- little bit like tiny -- in times of hastens. And then maybe a little bit and rate is Blogspot -- -- made -- a lot of different -- going on but in the end it's really just original television definitely -- email. For an audience which is fun to share is that. It's -- of the fact that we're actually going to be able to the audience of once they join in tonight. They're gonna have thirteen episodes in a row in by the end this -- is going to be solved and if they like that will do it again next year and come up with another they'll come up with another mystery -- -- to figure out. I have to -- five seasons to figure out what whereas -- we doing what we still stressful. Fun to shoot because we're having to do that. We're able to do that every episode become has some big reveal to us now tonight senate action -- -- Carrick had. And -- kinds of Khatami went -- -- every practice. You think you know what you're getting into you think he nine walks well the story lines going to be for attack tonight to tell he's on -- head. A fund has to make the -- has a lot of the stuff. We -- necessary no taxes so we get new information in the new script to me be -- And don't and then what happens -- I mean it's gonna have the same reaction -- a lot -- a lot of exciting that they -- and read any scripts I only read my line. I have this straight you both live in New York with your family is. What was it like filming in and around New York must've been nice for your personal -- It's great to have -- -- like -- like he's just filming go to black old. Finished and filming and then go pick them awful. And we both love New York -- you know we've found we've obviously chose to live here and even after a long twelve hour fourteen hour today when you get back to McCarty has come and I going back to my own bed in New York City -- -- And we want to get -- the city in a new way their -- that we you as we traveled the wild. That review is really New York as -- Jordan television. Has in the news that way I mean most international television shows and had just previously been shot in Los Angeles you know whether it's. -- Alias or you know chuck whatever and I think so you're seeing. They're able to discover a lot of places that you've never seen before. That's great we're almost at this time but Anthony we have to ask because one of our favorite roles of yours here at what's the buzz. Is good news from top gotten which just came out treaty it's a highly quotable blend -- before we leave what's your favorite -- quote. -- Favorite well it was actually not mine and -- when Meg Ryan said take me to better lose me forever this is something I don't get here very often. -- Thank you so much happy Valentine's Day a Sunday at times lying there you go happy Valentine's. -- --

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