Hulk Hogan Testifies in Sex Tape Case

"The View" co-hosts discuss Hogan's case against Gawker who released a leaked sex tape of the professional wrestling star.
3:36 | 03/08/16

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Transcript for Hulk Hogan Testifies in Sex Tape Case
Scouring the sort of similar to this because Hulk Hogan in a movie is right he is suing Glock for a hundred million dollars for posting a sex tape of him. On their site haven't fully hit Tel festivals you tell us that legal pot of the sun. What think the interesting thing is he's he's suing blocker which is a website for invasion of privacy. Because they posted a one at a thirty minute video sex video they posted about a little over a minute up of the tape nine seconds of actual sex. A batch wrist he had with his best friend's wife because they had an open marriage. Now so he has ever read that worked really well that he's safe and available to veterans before we invaded they invaded his privacy and of course the gawkers and well you you make the sex tape. You didn't necessarily end in invade. The win in. Major privacy but he isn't is he a victim also out Daschle I want even though that was you know that the tape losing an as far as I understand he did not does -- -- he he didn't know he was being techniques and so it look at this surveillance footage that the videotape itself does not look like it was part I can't think it was like Bela Fleck minicamp but it's kind of things and I'll tell you as far as gawker goes I think there are hundreds are responsible. I read doc aren't and I remember when the tape came out. The think when you work I blog for many years and has a block or you're always looking for the next big story like what's gonna get hit so there they actually work. Based on page used so that the of the president's most pages that's more money for the writer. And the competition I think led to such a level that they're posting. The sex and managed something like how he would like to see a tape of Hulk Hogan having sex clap. You know what they've always taken out of fluidity and is clever what is his state seven million times against scene seventy million times in otter I Hulk Hogan and Linda in this audience I'm happy to say is one of those people. Do you. Not a game that I I think. I don't wanna see it but it's always about clicking animation you're up on the newest thing and I think back opposite him a lot of money and I think it's I'm gonna say about again the way our society is run right now. One it's not fair that she can't walk into room and not know if you're being filmed or not and that type of sense until even if he released the tape or not. In his own family your friends or whatever it's not up to them to release it but it's and he he did not sign if he's a paper it's called confidentiality. Just to begin with it's not there is this panel question because I brought this up at the meeting this morning. What a few say hey amber Erin Andrews is getting a lot of money for this. Why don't I take myself. The surveillance camera in a hotel room having sex. Send it to baucus say I don't know who did it and then assume gawk they wouldn't even send me a credit Adam be absolute flat. Yeah. What about you want to take Cadillac I've I'm talking about somebody you know we might want to do that wedding. It's a good point it may open up but yeah gates for this but I also think. That people like hole called him whether you agreement with that the lifestyle om and Erin Andrews they're really making a valid point that people. Do deserve their privacy and may be things website need to stop posting get intimate moments of. I'm it is no real fans are really it's just because their celebrity they're not entitled to basic privacy even if he knew the tape was being made that doesn't mean he wanted the whole world to see you. You know rack and I think holly see just dozens of Lebanese are a whole entire life about their butts just say it they're some celebrities that you call paparazzi to let them know where they will well ran out as much but at the same time. It's our right and our friends and she was a victim in Miami he also is a victim in the case and they should. At a track by the way I'll be getting a massage at the won't look back.

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{"id":37494355,"title":"Hulk Hogan Testifies in Sex Tape Case","duration":"3:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Hogan's case against Gawker who released a leaked sex tape of the professional wrestling star.","url":"/Entertainment/video/hulk-hogan-testifies-sex-tape-case-37494355","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}