Inside Marvel: Black Widow's past repeats itself in 'Secret Empire'

Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer talk about Black Widow's determination to kill Captain America in "Secret Empire."
5:03 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Inside Marvel: Black Widow's past repeats itself in 'Secret Empire'
Pupils per. India you really were streets everything happened. Captain America Steve Rogers. So at this point do we get have way out for some here's but not everybody speaking. And I really wanna diving here we've got a hold onto beautiful palace on this because the artist and an assist. And drizzle. Sorgi aides did journeyman work here and so we've got a bunch of panels are about black widow and Hawkeye and how they kind of have a distinct split. Yet see there's apparently were just talking about it the events of of what's gone on in in Captain America and so moving on to where. What's the role of widow moving forward and this is again we have again she has an encounter with Hawkeye. And two burial friends make the decision to go several Israelis want us and and a very good way yet. Rats and it would really that here this is again widow kissing Clint Barton. The luckiest thing that's had to do quite some time. And then proceeded to. Huntsman. There's also that. A lower mean I'll speak to this very briefly in the collaborate you know the black widow has a very complicated path. She was a point in time when she was an assassin I think she's looking at what she's seeing in front of her and she's contemplating. The most lethal option and and that's that's significant thing I think is consistent with their path. And it's we who she is and where Franklin might be the only solution. Well that also bring up I think that was that was kind of embedded in there was as great as far as. Like the background. She mentions when they're arguing her talk I talk I want to see them again obviously she thinks they they've run out of opportunities but I think. She mentions in there all the times in this series that we've thought he could go a different way so there is back on in there that I feel like they kind of I don't city tricked to thinking that oh maybe this happened or that happened but finally knowing. I don't think she's really convince and what Rick Jones has has. Where is if we kind of look at the character Clint Barton in these books. Historically he's guy that is. Again he's not the brightest guy in the votes and many universities that Muslim and it is today captain America's guy it's on broke months. And you can tell that he's really just grasping for possibly redemption whereas in this it seems like again assassin past credentials at some future widow appears to have an amino. A line in the sand will. Plus also. Barton's reeling from the fact he did kill banner so that that brought up in their in the argument to. So a lot motions lot of mental aspects playing on their so. And I think she's also feeding off that too and saying. Will you're just greeting office the now you don't wanna kill another longtime friends. You potentially killing another longtime friend. Widow has an encounter with somebody who has recently forecast at. In a recent civil war to kill Captain America and again we look at again her interactions with miles Morales and again just the champions in general and that's a key element of this book that we exhibit panel right now. Nick what's going on here. I don't mop and a player who wrote. It in the Asian. Miles killing eat broccoli. On capitol. Miles. And it's it's followed him around and he's still struggling to come to terms and you know now. That has come forward with this proposal. You know in the at least lead the line with with cat. You know. The heat you feel like this is this is preordained that greed. You know a lot of choices and so. Two each pilot's widow out and and and France's call him. At the start their. So any it will get to making sense of this Spiegel and figure out how these books play along with each other but there is actually going to be separate ones. Addressing what goes on to him would of these folks. Because. And we have a great kind of series of panels are you know audience and where we're going back to the red room acts of any kind of going to little bit of what the red room in this the former Soviet Russia boardrooms where. Talk she was trying. Brain washed white and turned in to leave without them she wants it out life. She obviously trained and better arc is much more complicated but in answer to this day. And now she's reform to the point where she's recruiting touts. The a and I dramatically putting your hand to make the wrath. It is explicitly static UKP that is that former. So again she has written the champions to get them prepared to do essentially one of the largest lifts that they had ever had given monthly. Yeah but the question is four they wound ago you know I think it. It's a little more complicated endemic to drive the champions to follow its option not or sold on swaption. But I think that the field action is needed so I think that there's going to be tension grew. For the duration of the mission and we really hope that that miles in talks reader's went on him yet.

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{"id":47494031,"title":"Inside Marvel: Black Widow's past repeats itself in 'Secret Empire'","duration":"5:03","description":"Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer talk about Black Widow's determination to kill Captain America in \"Secret Empire.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-marvel-black-widows-past-repeats-secret-empire-47494031","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}