Inside Marvel: Minds behind 'Secret Empire' talk about Hydra's takeover of the Marvel Universe

Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer join FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey and ABC News' Michael Rothman for a look behind the panels of "Secret Empire."
28:14 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for Inside Marvel: Minds behind 'Secret Empire' talk about Hydra's takeover of the Marvel Universe
Hello and welcome to inside marble from ABC news digital. Under post while he from 5:30 I am joined by hold on to guest and we are going to talk about the secret empire vent issue number two. So we're gonna Axel Alonso from marble. We are joined by Michael Rothman from ABC news and Al remote we've got the writer himself and expense has done it. Any country so we are coming off eight action packed two weeks two weeks that we had her first issue and we looked into that she's 01. That last weekend we saw the free comic book day seek him out. And now we've got the second issue of this of this huge overarching art that is retooling abruptly reversed nickname just walk us through where Iraq right now. Yet course in this three day. We look like some between Arturo rich you first you shoot. The big battle and EC heidrick. Revealed itself when Mayer revealed himself as leader. Major property. And mean Berry's yours and marvel universe. Which he needed a big climactic moment. Is. America picking up Eleanor. Despite being. Hiked its leader so that's a big shock and poor woman that we closed our outlook. Eight secret empire to. Pick up after humans. Our first issue. How accurate is just bombed Las Vegas. Here is our digging through the rubble trying to find buyers in at least two major isn't between yours black widow says. We some of the younger heroes. And Bayard continues today team Saxony. America. Signs that this is gone on long enough. Meanwhile police are. And is and and I are on the side on reasonable. He it is it's the first place. And eight set up with a group of yours including mockingbird. And Hercules and quicksilver. You it tries to Tracy. We immunity issue with the need to repeal. It's they're really talking now which we get. That shortly against I and I hate to have anything better this commercial credit mess up so I wanna go to this issue bit but it is there's a lot to process of these tonne of moving parts. To be open on again bombed out Las Vegas that we delivered in new York and New York has been consumed. By the dark for statements right elements of when every seat dealing get banished in the marvel universe and it here and now here is a New York City so again we see. The one ray of hope that god is this Eric Decker and part of this cloak and dagger do you Axel who are these folks. Cloak and dagger or. Beloved characters marvel mythology. Their light and dark. I think they can speak better to the significance of cloak in this story but we were thrilled to have them play such a prominent role on in this years ago. Absolutely nick we're worse what's cloaked dealing here and what's that are doing I'm sorry when it comes to the role that she's playing in New York City. Yeah look at New York is trapped inside her where men that are worth an Audi is literally no light. The only light days available today and east actor. Daggers that he very powerful hero. And she's able to illuminate. The city. For a few hours a day. An enormous strain to herself. It's so she is she's basically the only weight ever believe in easy to survive. Eight we in the dark porch he's he's really the key day all of these here. Now. Well she's not the only way the folks are surviving because we actually have this other cool element going on which is the machinations of king. And again campaign as one of the iconic villains of the defenders. Daredevil particular and what he's doing is he he's building a protection racket. Now granted he's not doing protection against them obviously and protection against. Actual dark horse demons and in that took Tenerife off churches whatnot but but he's doing work and so. What's what's this going on what are we kind of seeing lay down here what's going on in New York City when it comes to the underground. You know listen if the crisis. Up. East NA in Spanish. You know he uses it resembles their big plans for her perky and if there's morrow. Insults out. Very much so that the stage one of a long term plan we have for this you know see what you want about Fiske. You know he he also does love new York and I think that's worth noting. It's he's got. Watts of motive to pick a New York but one of them is is that you know he's he's born and bread does care about this when we saw Clinton that there noble Sears Wilbon season one and on Netflix started deviate from publishing but. It's enough Rios it was what made his cared to compelling was that he loved New York was doing what he thought was right for his city. This version of kink in single one of Faris but also that element is there where he's kind of setting himself up and you can tell it's it's. Coming under a best those complex and more motivation. Spiritual but we're events on the law but he's Patriot Act right optics. So don't back out west it again where the vendors are posted up we see a whole bunch of interest and got Exxon and one of the key things that we find rates in this issue. Is the actual impact that Rick Jones worked on and whether it's the stealing of that death star plans would have you wanna call it. He has figured out a wave that some of our heroes can potentially. Solve what's gone wrong with that wrecked again this is. Panel from. Week one but this week we'll be kind of scene is that. Rick Jones as a solution here here nick what what's the way out what's his proposed way of solving the Captain America if you. Yeah Rick you really want to alert the Euro. To what happened he. Added in history. You know we used to say. Everything happens the result used the school. Be it Kobe so so Rick is really want new acting and I'll. Yours breaks all that light. And unity we got a beautiful spread by India. In the heat it really illustrates everything happened. Captain America Steve Rogers. So at this point do we get have way out for some here's but not everybody ski. And I really wanna diving here we've got a hold on to beautiful Allison was because the artist atlantis'. And resorted. Sorgi existed journeyman work here and so we've got a bunch of panels about black widow and Hawkeye and how they kind of had a distinct split. I can't see there's apparently were just talking and out of the events of of what's gone on in in Captain America and so moving on to we're. What's the role of widow moving forward and this is again we have again she has an encounter with Hawkeye. And two burial friends make the decision to go several Israelis want us and and a very good way yet. Rats and of what we're looking at here this is again widow kissing Clint Barton. The lucky thing that's had to do quite some time. And then proceeded to. Huntsman. There's also at that. A bull I mean got out because there's very briefly in the collaborate you know the black widow has a very complicated past. She was a point in time when she was in this house I think she's looking at what she's seeing in front of her and she's contemplating. The most lethal option and and that's that's the significant thing I think is consistent with their path. And it's we who she is and where Franklin might be the only solution. Well that also bring up I think that was that was kind of embedded in there was as great as far as. Like the background. She mentions when they're arguing her talk I talk I want to see them again obviously she thinks they they've run out of opportunities but I think. She mentions in there all the times in this series that we thought he could go a different way so there is back on in there that I feel like they kind of I don't city tricked to thinking that oh maybe this happened or that happened but finally knowing. I don't think she's really convinced at what Rick Jones has has. Whereas if we can a look at the character Clint Barton in these books. Historically he's a guy as. Again he's not the brightest guy in the growth and many universities that Muslim and it is today captain America's guides on broke months. And you can tell that he's really just grasping for possibly redemption whereas in this it seems like again assassin past the councils that's in future widow appears to have an amino. A line in the sample was also. Barton's reeling from the fact he did kill banner so that that's brought up in their in the argument to. It's a lot motions lot of mental aspects playing on their so. And I think she's also feeding off that too and saying. Will you're just greeting office and now you don't wanna kill another longtime friend. Speaking of potentially killing another longtime friend. Widow has an encounter with somebody who has recently forecast that. Again just the champions in general and that's a key element of this book and we exit that Pamela right now. Nick what's going on here. I have my and it lately you rule and the Asian. Miles killing eat broccoli. On capitol. Miles. And it's its polity and round and he still struggling to come to terms and you know now. That it's come forward with this proposal. Unit in the at least lethal with with cat. You know. The heat you feel like this is this is preordained that greed. You know a lot tweets so. So he follows widow out and and and his friends at. The start. So any it will get to making sense of this Spiegel and figure out how these books play along with each other but there is actually going to be separate ones. Addressing what goes on to when these folks because again we have a great kind of serious panels are you know didn't sell and where we're going back to the red room acts of any kind of go into a little bit of what the red room in this the former Soviet Russia boardrooms where. Talk she was trying. Brain washed white and turned in to leave without them she laws if nothing life. She obviously trained and better market much more complicated answer to day. And now she's reform to the point where she's grew out. That the and dramatically cut your head to make the wrath. And it is explicitly static UKP that is that former. So. Again she has written of the champions to get them prepared to do essentially one of the largest lifts that they had ever had given so. The question is four they wound ago you know I think it. It's a little more complicated dynamic drive to champion to follow -- not or sold on the wall option. But I think that the field action is needed so I think that there's going to be tension grew. For the duration of this mission and we really hope that that miles and talks readers as much as on him. Yeah now. We gets it again what we've been delaying this entire time that who knew weird old character that you introduce at the end of this particular issue. He added. Let's definitely that collect data indicates that the last but well. We are looking at a guy he beats of a whole bunch of again. Those heights elect if it decides articles agents boom. So maybe that'll hold on to certain service that he and the only topic and it is it is that the bigger turn. Late. It certainly looks and sounds like the blues eager. Based air. You know eight east east design. EU asking questions now it's these designs in the year wondered what happened next. But you know if you look deeper array of open all its. You know this is the earth only union while. I mean my name is Steve Rogers I'm trying to get home that the stand of the chairman and its scenic character that is so essential part homelessness. Go through quite a bit invest here. What's what is the what are the stakes here howdy redeem this guy. How do you mean we will begin at winter quarter yeah exactly like like the access that page it's meant to provoke questions first and foremost I had many. At the at the profitable this incident but we thought about telling the story. We knew was gonna reside grounds and we also knew that we are paying king Steve Rogers in to report that the questions. How do you get him out indeed can get them out that's going to be before. Absolutely and so. Get this actually destructive it is think that this is going to be tenacious as it so we have again look and eight more issues after this the kind of figure out what the Tierney. Of this a Celeste you'll figure in the woods of Canada. Emerging triumphant after B cancer society and Ellen. I wanna kind of move millions are many others in the I I would ask. What the possibilities are for those stats I nobody and answer. Go ask the way but maybe I did asking around out Whaley what do the craziest theories and scenarios you've heard from this. This ending page. Is an industry you Mina a few come to mind immediately is an alternate time line is this that maybe the key spit out. A creek you know a person to balance the good and bad of Captain America there's so many different things here. I just love to get your take on this because it's it's so fascinating the questions he's a few questions there's millions and that's. Yes it really wealthy. It gets the old theories that it opt out or any. I articulate and I would just say we or your city he you know we. It. Stories about stories we to do something like act. You eat something at least you don't. Fundamentally balance the rockers Steve Rogers we year old bass and meet all four years. Me so much so many people. You know we really wanted him to be or story. And you know that's that's really what this story bout it's not so much about. From something they used to enter or you know or mark. And you have been in the showing number of times and he's winless Edwards hit nick had never seen tents. I have full confidence that would know would. NIC what what was that again sorry and Pacific. All right now so this is an event in events mean that there's more than one book coming that that this is a story that a universe is telling and not just one story. So what we were open to do with is you've got a number of books coming out axle over the course of this. A few or directly tied to use. This this is our book Maine run. A few or just the stories of different characters that universe. Largest kind of again dealing with the move that we talk about the slot during the civil war show last year and it's really cool to kind of watch. A whole universe move in lock step and tell one huge compelling story so I wanted to refute these real quick. Anybody kind of defeated China and yet questions is what's so fun about this is that these stories that are peeling off. Something that's going through this mean and nick at love your thoughts when it comes to again what kind of story think that these votes it talent that's in the first in the past month undergone. Let's cosmic cube and nick again you've worked with as a bond covic can you go into. And again we've got four heroes inserts of constant Q why. I didn't namely get naked and pulling open the practice the attic and reassembled. You. Eight taken fix what's been done Easter this this this team is really. You know out the world trying to find it ski rack there's the right since Saturday there. Others these. Eager and it was one hijackers acted and well. That is routine days focused on on Clinton. It. So again we've got this threat to be gotten Rick Jones comes out. He says hey he get a cosmic you can maybe solve the problem. And we've got this group of heroes racing Behrens the united try to get the skewed because again this is a great way to potentially solve this ranked people. Notes that I think. He for the that the general fans out there that I was very interesting explain the back the Oracle in the Cuban how I love imagery cove at little girl. Cuddling up with the -- school and and I don't believe he he got a got her affinity and then that's when she you know was able to its parliament grateful author every. Plainfield. But yet they do we assemble this. Who's a cynical it would even you know allow this happened you know what what goes into that as far as that you know the threat with and with minutes of. Yeah exactly you know it acts that Hugo and back. Ice. On. It day this is clearly. You know it's very success. You know so but the curator very attentive to view that idealism in the hope that you know where. Now. So again it underground that is the story of what's seems like could be one way trip for a lot of people trying to get this constitute the brings the bad. I don't all right up what you were saying we've got. Secret empire uprisings could admire uprising is the story of widow. Building her child soldier army in order to basically maybe just make an end running try to go after and I'd. As we know what happens when you come up heads of hydra I just die right that's the so again widow is trading some of these champions they they've been growing institute in becoming more and more national moral universe of the past 23 years. Some really compelling characters and this book is kind of looking at how would it was able to kind of you know. Maybe it heals him for some of these votes may be neat indeed some dire stuff that they haven't. It force to do and confront. So again this very equal team it's the uprising but anybody have questions that it they'll Wear was anybody aware of that -- the point where she can still in the shadows still can't. Pulling. It is easy to keep your. Article. He did it added that more he's not directly on. The you know vigorous with the mystery. We've seen her like the daily bugle few occasions maybe that I. All right it is it's our actually back and Kaplan given speeches on Capitol Hill well it's funny we're so that it this is today because our next book that we wanna talk about is is the united. And this as a lot to do with how caps earnings government. And how caps interacting with the news that the woman. Again we kind of talk about some that different actions that we've seen recently how they're dealing with that the humans picked a fantastic time to go to golf world. The new cellular and have their own nation they're confronting with again that the number one G a political foe is now captain America's hydra island United States of America so. Again this is just kind of there's a lot of com. Consequences to that these events that we're seeing in this is just one of Annie. That's worth noting Hickman a defect failed because these kind of profit Karajan myths of the cotton path. No more meetings decree that had their species you know on the edge of the endangered species so I think this is this is bad timing for them while they see. They just had a defendant a reprieve another it's like the extent they just can't catch a break there like that Peter Parker of the marvel universe it's insane. It's how it can. Next up and again this is a a thread that you each used in book number one. Where we see in number of heroes. Or call floor of vision article Scott which I believe that they are collaborating with. The Hydro government and so this is you can look at what's going on the main offenders but it's an anyways again looking at what's going on here in the hydra avengers and what's kind of going on with this. Official organizations that the speak. And so you were very coy on this last week but but what he. What he kind of perceive that these hydra and affiliated vendors. Well there are recruited to replace McDonald creek on the day. We got him they. Scarlet witch condition. Were both Perdue. Allow it to you. They're they're out there will. We don't listen to stories very different not something that we're going to be getting into I believe. Secret empire five and and in some berries eyeing each season and now play big role. You know as we move forward. But you know her drones and he's he's seen Steve amor. And that's you know a major thinker and to it here on its try to understand and try to new. Yet it was gone. Supposedly. The first of the comes in my mind is it's so we talk about captured attention and the possible redemption. But. I don't think in the public guy but you if you're thinking about. These fell avengers that are going along if we do you get to let them say it's a big if if we do get to a place where. The the wrongs get righted or I don't think TV if I mean call them wrongs because again. Every particular perspective is different. But if we get to a place where the fans wrongs of invited in this universe as far as hide your being ousted from from from running things. How did the other ventures with relevant is that followed him and they redeemed themselves as well side of the very long question I don't. I didn't see you hold Neil near okay Captain America holds Mogilny must be worth. But shortly yeah I mean it it's. Rick good point if if we get to the point you describe there will definitely be some explaining to there on the behalf of certain characters and I think. You know this isn't our first rodeo dealing with the aftermath of the events from civil war you know on. You know characters it's that the story is always on going in some cases they'll be moments for atonement perhaps. If that story were too hopeful that way I'd keep reading. Now I just wanna go through if you look somewhat quickly and in the is kind of talk about Audi pulled into the universe hold one of them is the occupy avengers book. I am absolutely delighted to talk about hot night every single opportunity. And occupy avengers has been going on for the allow this is David Walker's book is there. Yes yes and so this is going off a lot of the story of it started right after hop guy killed the whole question. And it's basically takes up about his sabbatical through the course of America. And trying to basically fine like god this game in the first place turns out Gil Hodges that's great. And again this is the story of again a group of inventors. Who had previously kind of taken over a super science organization. Now they're liberating Europe from high gentle ways next up there's the ultimate to. OK those are the folks or on the outside of the global defense. They're stuck in space that that the series' run is called. Purgatory in its as a lot of based that these folks Tony for the sins of trying to build this thing. And just having to deal wave after wave after wave of Torre and it's just a great captain miles for its great. This American story as laws as they've been trying to Urquhart collectors to help bail them out. And then finally just real quick I wanna talk of the uncanny avengers this is the new team unity spot. And these are the folks who are the New Yorkers fighting the dark so those are four great stories that are up hauling a little corner of this world. And the last two are the ones. But houses this whole all resonates around cap and what what you know what he is or isn't doing it and the huge turn at the end. But the last he brought the people outside the grid and and outside the in a planet earth grid and then the ones within the dark dimension. Feel like there's a ticking clock it feels almost like game. Make your in. In the theater for action movie or you know and that's kind of on very jarring to me is like I keep thinking about the people outside there with the way it's start coming in. And then same thing goes for you know in issue two we saw with you know Luke cage and iron fist dagger can't keep the lights on all the top forever so. There's I guess what out of the question here but I wonder is that you know we expect figure casualties from this because it feels like work gripping the edge for seats. Scared for these people what sort of it could be I think that the key thing is as you said there's a war being fought on three fronts one of them is in the united things proper. With captain American real time and then you have the dark force to mention about it degree I think the looming question is. Will they hear us be united one time possible and if so who makes it. And I wasn't one other book real quick just because the art on this is magnificent. It's the secure Aureus but again. Think he's really mean just wondering what was going on in New Jersey. A place that not even the dark force the bench will go we got again this marble one of the economic break actors as the leaders we've got Boone girl and devil dinosaur. And they're just messing stuff up there are liberating camps they're rating convoys it's a delightful read and again Iraq's arms yeah. And again New Jersey is where it's actually again it's the Jesus is their so so this is a real fun book and it's you know what as one of the times. There's more elegant and AC's been women's champions she's not out with a bedroom she sees me doing something there's. Google soon. All right and did so with that come on but you one last time you're also working on the Captain America but still what's going on and that would mean arc but it just briefly. A unit Indy you right there where there really look what he gritty. Steve rain like. You know how mean and you know how accurate. A confrontation. You Hugh exactly. Sequences. Things like. Free expression free speech show. Added that that's that's that's going to be a night when bored especially. Of the civil war. And in the Sam Wilson in America book. We saw it the end. To impart to. You know as soon as doing something buried deeper with his life now he's now been acting up being a superhero. So this is about him beings that are disclosed people in. He still wears the Captain America Heredia. I noticed that yeah if you got that bring you gotta stick with it now before we get into previews and think about everyone there is we do need to disclose that the that the ABC news as well as Marvel Entertainment are owned by the Walt Disney company in the interest of full disclosure. Now we have some X closes I now we've got some. Panels a plea from being forthcoming issue and excessively tell us a little bit what they do pop up what we are looking at here. You know and nick what you take this. Share share let what are the. Handles that that we got a rocket got to tell you agree. Really easy. Are out there. As last read and write our wow. Yesterday to air dared. Do these papers there arrow for marvel. And it's kind of make deals it's a sin its funds. So this issue we saw allow the war on the ground in New York next issue we can expect a little bit of the remix of what's going on in the area. Exactly already nick you sushi you're gonna see a little bit of what's going off. Well all right so we will see everybody get into Eastman inside malvo returns to talk about issue number three. Senate take questions that you have again I want picnic at so very much Axel Alonso and expense are both from marble and of course Michael Rothman theaters August. I am Walt icky Vicky so much for tuning in we'll see in two weeks.

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