Jessica Lange talks changes in Hollywood

The star tells ABC News' Michael Rothman and fivethirtyeight's Walt Hickey "it's not going to change as long as it works financially."
3:30 | 04/18/17

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Transcript for Jessica Lange talks changes in Hollywood
We've been talking all night and I hate that repeat questions that feels like yeah. Then you. The show built so much more modern that it was even though it's fifty plus years. That that you're feeling like when you're assuming that you realize that. Let us know are still so apparent today so. Oh. It's now. Similarities. Between his points on. Yeah. There are the issues and a everything in the streets. Hands packing. Christmas season. So I think that was everybody and at my news. Place in the next race. Yeah. Steve risk. One thing that's incredible event of the character the opposite view your credit and a producer and an excuse don't. Got the film's main thing Indian about you think you exceeds. Any. It created that it is a time of great adversity but at the same time period to work hard and latest on the studio system made history lot of it's mostly playing that thing in this it was a dark and has that you played one of the right of Americans. Great snow drivers and yeah. Read about your childhood. This dream big fitness Nall. When she had to overcome and where she's got its. Was not something. So. Real fighter. And is survived. And been endless. No to that. He manages thing. And isn't it. It is us. Talk MGM. And it was so yeah. There's an armory in a lot of ways. Love. It's obvious what we learn from this building floor because again. Trying to bridge the gap trying to change things Ryan silly but that'll win. We are talking about behind the camera I noticed female writers and directors hopefully learn from this theory that Republican ballot it's they've been together. I had I. Didn't change. The wrong hands. Notice finance. I. Els who is to. He says he's able remind. Soaking it really does become finance. It is time. This is true Warner's time as you're today.

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{"id":46878299,"title":"Jessica Lange talks changes in Hollywood","duration":"3:30","description":"The star tells ABC News' Michael Rothman and fivethirtyeight's Walt Hickey \"it's not going to change as long as it works financially.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/jessica-lange-talks-hollywood-46878299","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}