Mark Feuerstein Feels Like He 'Pulled One Over' With His Show's Success

Actor reveals his "Royal Pains" character makes him feel like Jason Bourne on set.
6:10 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for Mark Feuerstein Feels Like He 'Pulled One Over' With His Show's Success
An appreciation of -- -- -- nine and one call would have been necessary. I'm afraid it would have -- -- -- turning -- and there's no pulse need to address this right now Jesse how exactly. This is gonna hurt. That's famous last words he plays a doctor for hired of the Hamptons rich and famous I USA network's comedy drama royal pains. And now mark -- thing is making a difference on long islands and off screen as well -- stopped by to tell us with a bit more about them. Congratulations on the fifth season thank you were so excited that we get to keep making the -- it feels like we've pulled one over on. Both USA and the world over I don't know if you wanna disclose that -- -- -- -- -- like that but when you get to do what you love about every day and it's a show that entertains people you know makes them think teaches them a little bit -- -- medicine -- wildly successful I think that -- -- -- -- -- part of the secret of the success that -- -- -- because there is a great -- -- -- Aspects. -- the same time. There is some real dialogue there -- some real per personalities and characters that countered in this. Well the thing -- USA has done so brilliantly is allowed shows little -- country to have a procedural element where they introduce. Say a medical situation every episode and resolve that by the end of that episode. But to have real characters -- Depth and dimensions so you have characters like. RPA did yes who's pregnant this season and my brother Evan played by -- -- stands though. Who is in his first year marriage with Paige played by Brooke -- -- say. And they have lots of conflicts and tension in their first year -- And Campbell Scott who plays -- my landlord. And we just went to Budapest. Had this crazy. Episode where I was operating trying to save his brother Dmitry in the street and he -- he'd. Because -- -- push this villainous character. I thought I had killed him I think it's -- it's multifaceted. Lot going on. The -- -- Yeah -- got -- break is that I think I got to be like Jason Bourne and the show can be dramatic rally -- I -- to be a medical my guy ever once in awhile romantic look countless challenges at for an actor obviously to be able to kind of stretcher abilities in most ways. In every way -- -- and I and we work with such a high level of talent from Paulo. To rest machete to bench and went to Campbell Scott Henry -- -- so many great I would just that Janet -- on the other day and she just yesterday we were shooting in the humidity and heat and she said looking at all of us this great ensemble together she's like it seemed like he has been working together for awhile. And to get that sort of -- or vote of confidence from her I always hear that has been the best compliment when a fellow actor gives it to another actor in their -- and -- just just that we it feels so familiar to the youth our viewers and even actors great actors visiting -- that. Is a real tribute and -- producing or directing now to in the season as I get to produce the show but I also get to direct and when I'm excited to step in it's as if like. The wizard of buzz get you know I get to step in behind the curtain. And control some of the dials. As to the emotional level the comedic level and how we tell the story visually. To get to be a director is a great privilege and I I think the executive producers for. Letting me do that well obviously you don't use it set out in the Hamptons you've spent a good deal your Summers are in the Hamptons as well I got to ask you about this that -- -- really live up to of that persona of being very posh area. Vary. Basically everything you would want for a -- beach town you -- that the truth of the matter is. It's the natural beauty of the -- that I most enjoy. I -- people come out there for the scene -- to go have dinner at making Tony's right or hang out on main street in East Hampton in order. Go to some club I -- I'm too old to even remember the names of the clubs that are hot to go -- to. But it's not those parts of Long Island that are really beautiful for me now with kids. It's going to the place -- -- -- meets the ocean and sitting with my kids and enjoying the beautiful weather and -- our toes in the surf. That's where the magic in the hand is I mean the architecture -- and the landscaping. Is stunning if you just drive around Southampton -- bridgehampton and East Hampton. But it's really the quiet time with your family that is the greatest value out there and now speaking of -- -- you're getting back in an event this weekend. There's an amazing event this weekend that I got to go to last year and I'll I'll never forget that Saturday morning when you don't know what you're doing for the day and I. Was reminded that I am going to you the children's museum of the east and for this event that family fare. And I went there with my three children -- Frisco and -- -- And there was an obstacle course and there was this stage with the band playing music for kids. And there was this pool where you got these bumper boats and my kids were banging everything together -- that wanted to climb as well I I mean I -- little wet. Throwing water balloons anyway it was the best event. And then you learn when you're there and -- that that I mean I was part of the event and I -- this year and so privileged to be a party event. That is raising money not just him to continue to support a place where when it's raining or humid and hot. There's no better place to bring your kids. But also they support so many great programs. -- local social service agencies that deal with so many issues for children like childhood obesity. Domestic violence and access to special education for kids with special needs and -- -- the kids you just don't have access -- education. He's just is very special place that on this Saturday will be having the best event to be in the -- is that well -- that's -- a sales pitch that is convinced. I'll. -- know what native. What good look at a lot of -- obviously stay very cool this week event as it has little warmup games and are incredibly hot night -- the team roping spends hours just. Keeping the sweat off -- that I thank him -- that and that thank you for having about it -- mark your stated his royal pains and USA network thanks for being with us such a pleasure.

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{"id":19692616,"title":"Mark Feuerstein Feels Like He 'Pulled One Over' With His Show's Success","duration":"6:10","description":"Actor reveals his \"Royal Pains\" character makes him feel like Jason Bourne on set.","url":"/Entertainment/video/mark-feuerstein-feels-pulled-shows-success-19692616","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}