Melissa Harris-Perry on Leaving Her MSNBC Show

The news host sits down for an exclusive interview to discuss reasons for leaving her show.
7:51 | 03/14/16

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Transcript for Melissa Harris-Perry on Leaving Her MSNBC Show
I went from taking on the headlines on her show to getting thrust of the headlines when she went to war arm. With her bosses at MSNBC. It's finally walks way of saying that she was being silenced by the network that's how she felt. And she's telling us what. Went down right now so please welcome Melissa Harris Claire at. So now. Is what we've dragnet to sell all your show had been preempted several weeks when you are asked to return you said no. And then you sent in email criticizing MSNBC which went public. How at what at what went down I'm rather your commute right there. And to me I didn't like the easiest way to describe this is did not relationships I've never been dating somebody and presumably united still dating. But not really like he hasn't called me. You all know haven't not been out in months. And all the places where you used to go to gal are. Actually he's up there with somebody else. And you liked pretty sure we are not gaining any. Kind of what happened to show like the show had basically been canceled arc all our branding has gone that being the penalty here's pairing was gone. Our music was gone and our editorial content not. Then I was gone as a host so during the hour that in the new. I wasn't there anymore even though I was an Iowa Hampshire and South Carolina I was asked to be on air during that time other people war. And then some other folks at other places started to notice they call they asked and that's about it and then at that point. And that's decide to put me back on here but just me. Not our show. Source Scholl was a particular kind of thing it was a pain will people at different viewpoints and ideas. And what they wanna needed do was to show up and read the unions and so when I declined to do with that I didn't declined to come back into my show. I declined to come back to do the show they want to judge yeah you might do that. So there is what you wrote quote our show was taken without comment or discussion or notice in the midst of an election season. I will not be used as a tool for their purposes. I am not a token mammy or a little brown Bobble head. So that is implication that this some racism in the. Well so yeah I remember this was an email I wrote internally to my team I didn't have any intention or have any expectation or that would ever be. Republicans affirmative me writing as shorthand my team mama African American politics scholar so when I think maybe I mean some big their particular and it's basically. The history of man in is that Manning is the black woman who cares more about. Damascus family van about her own. And so what I'm saying is I don't care more about MSNBC's reputation than I do about the dirt and family about the thing that we built about. Our viewing audience and about our team and so I didn't want to be used as kind of Khobar. I think of racial I just not in the sense of light they're coming after Melissa for being black he'd do I think it has racial implications. 100% here's how I know it. Our show had the most diverse guest on cable news. Period it just isn't circle reality. Taking this show off the air. Even if you put me individually back on as a host. Meant that the folks who sat at our table whether they were transgender women of color whether they were. Let let you know Republicans. They just weren't gonna be there anymore 'cause being where the folks who put them on air each and every week convicted of. They took about six of you Lafayette I know they were surprised by the email they denied it they are canceling. Your show we reached out to them for comment this is the statement they said we are proud of the diverse backgrounds of MSNBC's journalists hosts an analyst. MSNBC identified Melissa as a unique voice for years ago gave her a platform and stuck with their and it would have continued had she not spent a destructive email. It was not been canceled it was not be altered were surprised and sad about how this and it but we do you wish her the best so why didn't you meet with them. And express all and I tried. Regularly I had been intact had been one of my got a difficulties the got a boyfriend thing I've been trying since November to meet with them gotten to a point there where I'm again lines of communication had really broken down. There's very painful for me to be standing there at literally standing there in New Hampshire. Watching every other person on the network. Including people who didn't have shown us. BEU move as. As voices and I was standing there was an inside it was it was tough comments I was asking repeatedly. Whether or not there was going to be a place from contractually don't they have the right to Alter program 100 I actually just like it worked as a right to pick up giving to. Antalya so all that I'll let you ask all of all the I was asking will look this is your does your car you can drive any direction you want. But what I wanted what I want it was after four years of working together we have for years one grew three things together things that I.

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{"id":37635725,"title":"Melissa Harris-Perry on Leaving Her MSNBC Show","duration":"7:51","description":"The news host sits down for an exclusive interview to discuss reasons for leaving her show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/melissa-harris-perry-leaving-msnbc-show-37635725","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}