Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini Says Film About His Life Was 'Tough To Watch At Times'

Documentary "The Good Son" takes a look back at the legendary fighter's triumphant story.
7:39 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini Says Film About His Life Was 'Tough To Watch At Times'
Who's the hottest thing on television. Like it captivated watching -- -- and hear his story about it and and what should his fight to -- actually. Talked to people watch. -- He was a lightweight champion of the world what are the most promising boxers of his time until one fight. Changed his life for Everett death and his opponent do -- and is fascinating story that goes well beyond that fateful fight. The story of ray boom boom Mancini in a new documentary called the good son. Here to talk more about the powerful film is ray Mancini himself welcome ranked thank you. Obviously this is a movie about your life but why -- titled the good son. Well it's -- -- ask that because bloom Mark Kriegel the writer said I have I have the title -- -- the titled the good son. Has said -- -- too crazy about -- because I have a brother. Or had a brother who's deceased but wasn't what does that make him that the bad son is an arm or you don't get it -- -- -- said. As with -- and I guess they interview me and after I won the world title they they set me on a goodwill toward Italy. To me my family -- for stand in Sicily so. When I brought my mother father over with me. Angus has said when they weren't -- with the Addison business class and appearance were. Getting that the free drinks in the ended you know the food they brought in enough -- -- in -- -- is this -- -- most certainly does call complementary. -- and I looked over and and I saw of them enjoying -- -- -- as that I felt like a good son. That is all he said that's sort of title comes from a civil -- I buy that that's not buy into it. You know they say your father got -- boxing to make money but you got into boxing and they -- -- tell us about. Yes I mean my father filed letters depression he's -- -- had to fight I was hungry had to -- he's -- you have so many other opportunities. And I did an act academics -- athletic scholarships to go to college and professional baseball for at that time. But all have a one of the -- was a professional fighter I didn't know anything else. And after when the -- A reporter once asked -- one few mortified at what else would you. Have done as I can't answer that. Does and nothing else ever one of the leaders -- several wanted. So I'd never prepared for anything else Seoul on film and it worked out obviously for me but that that's -- of one dues to -- -- fighter little chance -- -- -- -- you talk about your family relationship in the movie also talk about some of your -- times obviously. The fight with duke who can you you really everything that happened in your career in this movie how was that -- -- -- it was tough at times in a tough it's not so much when I was talking about it. It's -- -- look back and seen on film does that's hard to watch some times. The site with Kim. Just the stuff with my brother the death my brother that was hard to watch. And I guess the only room when -- -- -- the book it and you see it once you see my children on screen talking -- How a couple was for them to -- that -- talking about temple was for them -- stay ahead here and going up because don't know Peta wants his children be responsible for persons and in that and then. Always want to keep -- of the protected from that and the day at a hearing on things going up so. It was tough to watch at times. If you talked about your emotional meeting with -- -- Kim's son he was born after his father's death his mother was pregnant with him on the night of that infamous fight. What was that like for you. Well. When they first pushy about meeting G1. I say yes actually because that that was important fever for medium medium of that was a -- for him to meet the man that was the last minute in the ring with us father. And I thought at least. Give him some closure. I had dealt with that I get can make peace with it but for him sugars low and answer questions. But -- at a tea as more nervous about meeting his mother a young me. Who. Here's a good woman who -- the fiancee of two Kim was planning the rest of her life to -- with this man and yet he passed that my hands. I was more nervous about meeting -- and the -- The big issue is wonderful she was so gracious and loving and. Is she what she wanted me to know that she for years she wanted me to be at peace. And it was it was wonderful meeting damages it was a wonderful media couldn't ask for anything better. And I'm so -- so happy that I did it. Got you we should add that you were not. Held to do anything wrong in that fight -- you know you are not held in essence responsible because of anything that you had done wrong but at the same time. He said it took you a very long time to make peace with it. Yourself. How long it take -- and what did it really take to get through that -- For me and I make things -- make peace with things -- -- -- quickly because I have to from my life. After death my brother that was the toughest thing from move on but I had to move on quickly rushing to get -- -- your life you don't need -- -- -- in the silicon hostage and just in on. Some people just. Close -- is -- suffocate it never meant never can't get through it -- never come up. For me I have to make peace but timely piece of land my faith I have a strong faith -- issuable -- And are -- my face to give me some things and that's what I do my brother's death in the death of Kim and and -- -- felt strong enough a move forward. In the movie we lot of -- as -- Sugar Ray Leonard Mickey Rourke and oatmeal. What's your relationship with these -- -- -- -- -- -- and Ohio and music Big Brother to me I've known any for almost thirty years now. Levity dead in my kids young is that you -- get -- a brother Big Brother read to them. Mickey and what do -- did it -- -- in 1985 in the first recommit Mickey. Through mutual friend introduced making me it was a big fan of mine as a fan of his -- of course so we've been very close since then and I love him -- -- like a brother to me. And. Of course -- Letterman there is one of my boxing heroes -- -- might might. Boxing friends and I can't tell much appreciate him being part of that so so so proud of these guys -- so happy they were. Willing to do it and they make they make the film it's this is do what they say is -- is so gracious and -- so kind and and means the world to me. Looking back on your life and -- particularly after making a movie about Iran life. -- Alley makes a little bit introspect it would get done anything differently. I don't know what pattern if you do anything different I'd signal because you know who include look I don't think anybody. With plans for the in thing like this to happen now I want the world champion -- federal -- from my father. I think anybody knows of the fame and actually is -- could receive from that I never did when he came -- -- very appreciative of it and never took for granted. And defective people remember now I mean -- -- a -- Doing a book. Thirty years ago when asked fighting -- said John I'm young -- -- let me live a little bit let me let me have a -- first. And then even up to ten years ago people were pushed -- -- -- who cares not nobody cares now. But will Mark Kriegel pushed me and said look I got the hook it's not a boxer shorts it's a love story of two fathers and sons that I bought into. So defective that resonates enough to to do documentary. I'm so -- so honored but I don't think anybody -- for this I'm just I'm appreciate of I'm and I'm enjoying this amount -- a great time because you don't -- -- albeit I will be able get a cup of coffee next door. It Mancini the very humble ray -- thank you so much for joining it's great to talk to you. And thanks for sharing your powerful story with us the documentaries called the good son is currently available on -- on demand -- -- --

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{"id":19739406,"title":"Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini Says Film About His Life Was 'Tough To Watch At Times'","duration":"7:39","description":"Documentary \"The Good Son\" takes a look back at the legendary fighter's triumphant story.","url":"/Entertainment/video/ray-boom-boom-mancini-film-life-tough-watch-19739406","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}