'Scandal's Kerry Washington on ABC's Political Thriller

The "Scandal" star tells Peter Travers how she keeps the show's plot secrets.
3:00 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for 'Scandal's Kerry Washington on ABC's Political Thriller
And told Q and how how was not completely exactly the point Palestine as a tumor in his administration on everything -- -- -- -- that's. -- wanting to ring vengeance got a compliment man who are injured an inch thick -- expertly. People just -- -- -- Ohio -- your laundry and drinking the Beers we are not regular people are wary about he. And if we're not we should be because that's what it means we can be believing that all of us -- should be brought to just -- the -- we did get them. And it gets out and we are brought to justice human to bring him. You know. What our electoral sexiest. It's like believing in Santa for the -- -- putting extra body magical miss. What you're doing is telling the people the distinct classes and the ball and -- -- On Christmas morning you're just mom and dad staying up all night to do the -- you're telling them we're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's gonna come tumbling down -- not tough enough to do what needs to be gotten. -- -- -- I really. Hi everybody. Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn will we tell you what's happening in pop culture at the movies and TV and you have just seen this -- From one of my favorite TV shows scandal. Starring -- Washington has. -- really strong. Damaged. All kinds of things but she can fix things. And maybe she can fix the -- -- -- I don't go yeah Clinton on Saturday near that your fan of this and -- -- -- -- -- But those poor benighted people -- that hadn't seen season one little caught up with season OK I want you to describe. All the pressures and -- who this character -- politics. I think this woman named Olivia -- that's it I yeah that's a sham. I mean she is that the -- home of hope & Associates. And -- & Associates is a crisis management firm where basically people walking into our office at the worst. Day of their lives very powerful people and they say please help me fix this crisis and we do. And part of the reason -- everybody -- -- associates is so good at fixing crisis is because. We all have a little bit of experience with our own. Scandals including Olivia Pope who. Has been any complicated. Romantic relationship with the president of the United States. It's just used to work at the White House that an -- he has been married yes for as -- -- threatened -- -- the United States but that's why she no longer works that the White House and is trying to to separate herself from him and from there. Chemistry. You know what I -- about how you -- flicker that every day. She comes to work or even the phone bricks now even anything its happening and as -- nominee of problems yet. -- -- -- -- blah gas wave and that year. Yet to take -- A moment. And then boom there's some kind of solution that would and that is that you can know it's no not at all. I'm really finding to place someone who is -- much smarter than me and kind of -- she really is this is what I love most about playing her. Is the complexity you know she is very empowered very strong very in charge -- the problem -- -- -- -- app work. But in her personal life she is -- much more torrent and vulnerable and confused and since she's always trying to balance those two quality. So when you are working with this wonderful cast that -- had a -- Are you. Always with Chandra runs the creator of this thing what's happening next is that any idea we have no clue when you work in shot in the land as we call and the -- You don't get an outline of the season you at all so. It's part of why you know the show has a really big -- on Twitter and our social media life and elect of the show is is very vibrant because. We really love interacting with fans because when you guys are watching the show and we read your tweets and your FaceBook posts. You have the same reactions that we have when we're reading the scripts that same kind of shock and awe and disbelief. And so it's fun to experience that with the fans and that's what we have week after -- well that's great but at the same time I would be wanting to know like -- nights we. Italy's public. What I call Judy -- big deal back in our. You know. I actually it's funny because when I read that. Episode I cried like a babies because. You firm meet personally carry I'm very involved in politics and I and I have hold the those first three words of the constitution we the people to be somewhat sacred and it bound to have -- -- Pope kind of commit crimes against her democracy was so tragic for me. That you're saying he didn't fix the of that you know I'm not hiding it but I thought -- -- I'm not about. An engine -- so persuasively that. Imagine that people don't tell you. They -- to hear what you expect if you please help me with and that's something. Now what we know might my character. Actually inspired by a real woman named Judy Smith who is a crisis management guru. And she worked in the first bush White House. So you -- talk to Judy about about all of that but she -- That -- I want to hear what. They learned from her. What yeah. Just because scientists still in control that I -- would meet with Judy that I did so be the next so well we don't decide what the writers do which is so much fun is. -- writers kind of let their imaginations -- they come up with the most. Scandalous situations that they can think up and then they call Judy and say okay what would you do how would you fix it. And so -- I didn't get the best of both worlds we get and the wonderful and imaginary. Lives that. That are writers are giving birth to week after week but we also get the grounding in the real life crisis management fixing. I always wonder how you people who do TV series when you say he can't count. How he punished me doing what goes on their room get a flyer asks did you get if I think that -- -- -- architecture hired. We've had some pretty tough -- -- news about spoilers that weren't just to get out -- we're we're. Under strict. Advice. Maintain secrecy. It startled me when I was told the fact. That there hasn't been an African American actress top line network TV show it for decades -- -- -- yeah I mean not in my lifetime so I wasn't even born the last time there was a black woman in -- now where two months ago. -- -- kind of I wasn't aware of it either when I signed up to do the job I knew that I'd never seen anything like this before but. He didn't know when you hear it it'll ghosts yeah and -- -- -- -- that's correct that's not happen now so do you Wear that mantle of response. Thank you have frowned at -- first and forty. Now. I think he. -- -- I and I actually I didn't feel. Pressured -- saying -- -- when I felt like. With -- -- like the pressure was on the American people you know where we as a country and now as a world position -- now on the -- over Europe Australia and so where we as a world finish a lap and a Lauper. Aaron lead characters are heroes to look like more than one kind of person you know where we. -- we ready to be inclusive in our storytelling and I'm really so excited that the success of the show says that we are as a culture we've come to a place where we are willing to. To sit at home men and watch stories about. That look like that people that are from all different races and gender isn't happening. It's a lot more women in this world with feet very determined if they had -- -- that Leo DiCaprio instruments is I think he's gone very different Dyer and protect us.

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{"id":18599334,"title":"'Scandal's Kerry Washington on ABC's Political Thriller","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Scandal\" star tells Peter Travers how she keeps the show's plot secrets.","url":"/Entertainment/video/scandals-kerry-washington-interview-abcs-political-thriller-18599334","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}