Switchfoot talks latest album and life on tour

ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews the band Switchfoot on "Live from the Couch."
2:45 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for Switchfoot talks latest album and life on tour
Hey guys on an about here lie in New York happy Friday all. In another episode of ally and cats here with us today and see out the eyes. Honestly I think the much for being here in Europe and Japan has. Yeah you are out on tour now it's the looking for summer tour pray that things happening to me or him gotten summer reading your. I'll put it of the houses we're going. Yeah what's it like they back on the road together. More than that it would genetic test constantly and it. Yeah. Remarkable things to do fan ten albums twenty years and we still like each. All the time now. Now we're Brothers that you. That you and the yet and knew that you do to your copy is not. It means that. Others. You know kind of in that sort of like way of lake you know. Funding and you know zoning so yeah result of invented resolved. And there. You mention is I mean that's all have when you didn't inn keepers are out. Ago. You bring them into how how Anwar and sometimes yeah. Yeah I mean that's always the challenge we actually we met him about it dating lasted about turned it. Figure out of him how to chase your dream and also that gene is sometimes multifaceted you know to jima month it. Finland that's that's a dream come true in but it's also I love what I do and passionate about singing songs of hope so how do you. Combine those and you know it's I think ultimately every every day you wake up beach again right. What you mentioned ten albums in the first of all congratulations. When the light shines through without last year right now. Are you playing mostly songs from the new album you tour are to use and not coming here and now may even have even her here right. Yes we've got we try and play and innovative. Everything and M and I think. The beautiful thing about it cellist is every night you make an assumption of what you think you want to write and think the catalyst to clear. And then sometimes you're right and you stick with that list and sometimes you're like you know. And that's why this other solid. Let the other day. We've planned in Grand Rapids. Here's can let's let Tom Petty Silas played Beatles silence he now I think that's a beautiful thing about Latin music.

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{"id":49159386,"title":"Switchfoot talks latest album and life on tour","duration":"2:45","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz interviews the band Switchfoot on \"Live from the Couch.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/switchfoot-talks-latest-album-life-tour-49159386","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}