Usher Defends Justin Bieber: 'He's Just a Teenager'

Pop star on Bieber's reckless driving, Leonardo Dicaprio's fourth Victoria's Secret girlfriend.
4:19 | 05/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Usher Defends Justin Bieber: 'He's Just a Teenager'
Now for the latest Hollywood gossip -- give us the scoop. Naughty but nice rob dot com's rob shooter rob thanks for Eyewitness News as the about I know that we can always get top quality gossip from you talk it's. Given the green right -- -- the top Leann -- of the new -- and allowed them excited about it but apparently she -- one critic. She what critics are -- has been having a little -- with Brandi Glanville Brandi Glanville was married. To -- -- -- -- he left brand name to be with Lea Thompson -- you can guess. These two ladies not lead the best friends in the world. That know what -- -- in touch magazine which I -- decided to make brandy that music critic of this. I felt good to -- review and well Utley islands and he said these might be the worst songs I've at a in my life. Sometimes she refused we'll let you get us Out Magazine about a foot asking him to leave that to be the movie critic -- -- Well. -- -- Copies -- and that's what it's all that I had is that the -- to -- of these two ladies drama. Goes on and on arming and apparently -- the CDs -- of songs about remorse of stealing someone's husband so I think mrs. -- -- way of telling one side of the story through song and maybe make it a little money. And a few -- -- -- -- name attracting brandy the guys go where he did little varieties that review would Miles Davis that's that the follow a that the club and experts -- -- -- -- -- Henry cattle. I mean everyone's love in the sky and listen he's a beautiful specify -- but. Ever since -- is a very very good -- -- -- has been knocking around for a very long time I think to the American public he's gonna look like a very new face he's done so many British TV says. Including the students -- he's he's a great way -- he auditioned for the James Bond movies and didn't get that he's been waiting for his big break. He finally -- -- although he did a very revealing interview. -- he said he was worry its. A balance his whites he said that as a Childs and he was a heavy kids. And be in a heavy kid I think it always stays with you and so even now he might have one of the best bodies in Hollywood's. He's still -- sometimes it feels like little -- there's something that's. Really authentic he did he on the cover of a men's fitness magazines I told -- -- work out on his way through these. Calories what I'm excited to see wouldn't. Reveal his way interest he -- that he just doesn't want to talk about because. He does when it's become a topic of discussion in the same time -- north of the picture and I sucked in like I told my duty right like a little bit more clear -- to -- lady -- -- Donna hasn't nude -- go for this is his full. Condit wanted her to Victoria's Secret model they don't titles as they get that you think he would have sheds in the -- and how. But he doesn't. -- -- is all Victoria's Secret model girlfriend. Very peaceful she's twenties that's yet little bit of an age difference however what this one does have getting -- it is not many people know who. The in order to -- -- is fluent in German his mother's German. He spends most of the holidays with his grandparents in German. This is a -- model so maybe they can whisper sweet nothings -- each other in their language of judgment and its share some leadership to win detonating the -- and last but certainly not -- Justin Bieber. Love him think I know you love -- a lot of people love the fact that they'd like to see. Some of the -- -- he's been having but he's also been getting some defense fragile and needs that should come forward and said basically leave him alone he's a teenager growing up in the spotlight. What people don't realized. Russia is his -- But should discuss with him so unsure really is responsible. For the -- -- just that and is talented -- -- kids you know ago took. An extraordinary -- he's had a few missteps. I think she -- somebody that really isn't much like this give him a little bit of spice that if you're gonna get a monkey -- you get the papers for it. This -- melody but nice as our. A rod you are a pleasure my pregnancy.

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{"id":19291639,"title":"Usher Defends Justin Bieber: 'He's Just a Teenager'","duration":"4:19","description":"Pop star on Bieber's reckless driving, Leonardo Dicaprio's fourth Victoria's Secret girlfriend.","url":"/Entertainment/video/usher-defends-justin-bieber-hes-teenager-19291639","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}