'After The View': Dec. 5, 2016

Marriage contracts, mean girl moms, 'bagel scooping', and more hot topics!
10:53 | 01/05/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Dec. 5, 2016
Brian you don't have to leaves Oprah abruptly it's like my first husband about. Some. I'm not given end here because we are streaming live after the you know having Elaine extreme I. And extreme. Beanie to figure this out because this is fun part actually is stream eagle giant. She doesn't know. I have anyway and he had a limited and talk about campus sex life for a second economic nor does it feel. Yeah. She I don't yes hi my plus your ears. Cut to order he had his account but candidates I heard that your husband need to use some hot lingerie. About the Amish count let me want in for Chris Smith and we and it's not a lot and shown in the lingerie. And because. It's excellent for my hunt and eyes only. Yeah that you so. Cited in Kenya WC your boys actually thought it was cool maybe not your daughter to voice my my boy yeah she's towering re your kids grossed out in and my boys we know what you're doing this afternoon. At 3 o'clock pat. Concert music affiliated by this conversation. CNET news she'll reason Utley and let us talk think links to talk out of you know I think it's important I love has been and we have a great relationship I think it's important that you kids. At and say you know this is it doesn't go down to doing to get married it gets. Where they can't depend hero relationship as. You don't want them to actually see an oh. You never now Arianna I'll get out and speaking. Marriage is a blogger at Glamour Magazine she says he put on twenty pounds she got married. I would say marriage can make you fat because you go out to that would. And also make an act upon. But she says she's feels like she's broken some kind of an imaginary. Marriage contract is if she has you know betrayed her contract what do you think that act. I think it's just the did you get married you should wave the white flag not take care here's a biking 25 pounds since I got married had three K five I was the little too skinny. I looking when I split my husband and I we try to take care of ourselves and not I think. Yeah the winning you present yourself to something you don't have to be certain size look a certain way. But you still shouldn't want tint to look good for the other person and still try to impress them the moment that you stop doing that I think. And some sentences the moment that you kinda give up on your marriage cannot she's doing but sometimes it's like you're not doing it intentional. Intentionally could be stress factor could be she's putting on the lady could meet its and that I think it's up to the partner that you're dealing with. To say you know and I still love you let's try to work things out also it's not a contract unless there was a literal contract that there are some celebrity couples. Who state in the contract yeah CSR LA oh yes oh Texas noxious well. In a pre nup yeah it's part of the brain right and freed up it's a part of the contract to stay married but anyway at the same token I mean I think that's a lot of self. Pagers cell anchors for yourself in a minute. Explain myself thinkers she could that contract on herself I don't know her husband says that's her own self worth or whatever she's going through feeling like I ruined my marriage because of it now we don't want to get fat you know a lot of guys I saw them anabolic that I haven't. But it's just did I think it depends on both partners you may be gaining weight and then apparently they national opt out. I. Seemingly together might not bother her and either the husband or the white yet shouldn't and I am. I think there's a certain certain thing he said I'm hearing and a professional athlete and he's. He's got incredible and he's been retired for ten years and I loved it he still keeps in shape and I wanna keep inch and that on a few. He get my butt on the what would you feel like violent when NASA contract if you gained 1020 pounds. No I think he he loves mean a lot of wet and out but I know he is attracted to me when I. Look the way the ideal weight and and I am taking it. Now you know I I wouldn't want to gained fifty pounds and what he added yeah I fanatics I. I'm hearing him certain wet let's talk about this because there's de Leon will wield a vote talk about bullying kids all the time how annoying it is now much exam the act. Who actually are pulling other people's bullying other people's children. Explain south as I get there taking hits and the mother now I'm not as mother but I always did apple doesn't fall far from the tree if there's a little icing and here. Or. Okay. Okay. Just the key things here. You don't you don't read it and the Sydney and was told tricky Dicky I'm just I am. Include well I'm not right I was not an end and at comical aren't at all and I'm not plan. Feel what's. You're right now yeah I heard Anwar's joy is mouth is reckless to back up sit down. I think a lot of mean mom what's what's your point that the women are blocked and I moms are are really in need. I'm Michael point went if you find a child that's a dense than to jeer and and I have put the mother is happy that I think sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and also but parents like my kid and especially my middle child allowed him but he has some of those tendencies and I got a real men and keeping them accountable in some of the scenarios of what these mothers and doing another snap and won back to reserve the back row for her daughter's friend. When new girl asked if she could say the girls the mother told are now and that the seats were reserves of its outlets like that down though we don't of the whole topic was that missing girl the girl itself who. Got told no you can't have you can't sit here which she bullying her daughter did her daughter not in her daughter not. All but as a bunch of girls are just sick this girl can't. And these should take care of it themselves another shouldn't be getting in on the rack and duty. Scenario one of the most common scenarios is pay our parents handed out. Birthday party invitations at school in full view at every line. Clearly sending the message of who is in and who house some pain. All time personal and just go back to which he said it doesn't ballpark from the tree because I know some parents who are. Crazy yeah. And their kids are sweet as high it doesn't always depends on what you see and it and the mothers do that in our very and a bracelet with their actions towards other kids now. Back in the day Belize to call that being raised by a village if your child is acting now we need be reprimanded mama's not do it as a males that do not that I know are you rapper and doesn't like neither another's trying to claim social status for their kids that's what did I think I have seen many into a girl does not include mind and my son and his reprimand. The child who has acted like a little chair. I actually probably counter when this meet these mean moms a couple of years ago my son was at camp. He can't key in another kid kind of got into bed they apologized to one another my son had like scratch mark here at the other Canada scratch mark. And I get a phone call from the mom and she says my son is traumatize. The kids for you think you really told his mom mommy I traumatize no I don't think getting yeah. He's not as you reach your children like this only listen might we're very firm and our household there are consequences you know if you act out of mind. But she wanted nice time to apologize again even though they RD apologize it said they were sorry she's at it wasn't good enough I think you like a mother should go out. Yeah yeah. Manipulating you are as kids do forget that kids are still humans and that their real Smart know how to make you late. Just as well as the parents who teach them how to manipulate yeah. You act and that way your kids. And may yeah. We're really mattered not one has acquired making take as long as long as we do you last night. I'm lunch and it is the only did you tell it's me now being advocate o'clock o'clock. Candy just onion my hair that time I can't and over again I'm isn't just talk seven anymore but not. What do you still. Don't get up again. September. I teach school if they get out of this seat I had a friend who steps stapled to kids who Z I'm gonna do that yeah. I'd teach all my mom and she's a reprimand. It now I don't I don't do you scoop like don't Disco but apparently this is a New York saying. The rest of the cut and a cab towering insane for its California she's Alley it. The people at scooping the bagel with Saudi disgusting yes any. I'm at Citi MasterCard you don't need all that I think we're not only for bank owns but this our hamburger buttons also out and you can get more. To Nate Allen lettuce and pickles and that's what our and it's an ailing you bite into it doesn't slide now because it hasn't gone I may eat what I took lots. You're clean cheap and it's bright and I just yet and better campus is really you know wait you know eighth. You don't they think 75 calorie I don't know male actor why again and all but yeah. The US joins about Ingrid I like. Does really doing a front caloric intake you do you think you get more goods on near Al thinks Eugene and minimal and I don't want to eat unnecessary calories and I have to is like can you then somewhere else what. What's going around. We're talking about. Talking about scooping that's got out pretty good I just said that when you toast to scooped out bagel it's fabulous because it gets crispy act okay. That's the last word on this topic thank you thank you around as I'd like to thank my peanut gallery over that. You guys it's not. I was out believe.

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