'The View' Co-Hosts on the Drama-Free GOP Debate

The women of "The View" discuss the change of tone at the latest Republican presidential debate.
1:38 | 03/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts on the Drama-Free GOP Debate
So principle that was a much different Republican debate last night if anybody saw what I mean it was so civil they made the democratic debate look at the game of drop seriously. I wouldn't worry that way actually got hot and because this the person I've actually seen Republicans act like presidential can't really. They actually spoke on the issues they answered correctly they didn't come after each other and I think it was really. What they signed before Hamlet Jake Tapper was talking about it. You guys agreed to this there was no over talking no cross talk like we're known for as little as genius and actually heard something actually hurt something for the first time. In these debates I don't think is what caused an indictment of Macedonia ended an indictment of us that we thought it was boring you know what I'm saying don't like it any dollar adults and I'll need the fun I am I wanted to hear what was going off. Undecideds like you never follow a filthy Canadian you know what comedian does. In his act and then all of a sudden you come on in Europe Jerry signs out it's part of CEO could they've raised the ante of phils that's what it was like less so from the right now I was like thank you because I'd like ideas on the right I'd like to talk about opportunity I'd like to talk about freedoms lower my taxes I wanna give the government less money and finally. He had a bunch of people on the stage and didn't look like they were kindergartners. I think they've been watching some of the Democrat debates they've been hearing a lot of the media criticism we've been saying it. That Democrats are doing is seriously they're having serious policy talk you know Republican stopped and said you know what we can do this to let's cut all the nonsense out and I can't get us talking to an it was also a big part of. That was it was just the pressure but like the RNC had individual meetings with each campaign as well let CNN guys that lets keep this G rated because a lot of people are appears to watch a syndicate.

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{"id":37582017,"title":"'The View' Co-Hosts on the Drama-Free GOP Debate ","duration":"1:38","description":"The women of \"The View\" discuss the change of tone at the latest Republican presidential debate. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-hosts-drama-free-gop-debate-37582017","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}