Zach Braff Responds to Kickstarter Criticism

Zach Braff talks about "Wish I Was Here" and the Kickstarter campaign that made it happen.
2:13 | 07/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zach Braff Responds to Kickstarter Criticism
You've been criticized. Yet the idea is pay that you've -- nine seasons of scraps. So you must have millions right did you go to the people what what would go because I do helpful money and I have me I was basically bring -- -- I'll give it could be smuggled out but. Again if I had if I had written something very small much smaller hundred million dollar movie of course I could've afforded my own. What we wrote was -- scaled to -- when people see -- hope they will they'll see that it was five and we spent about five and half million dollars that's not I don't have all that money to spend on film. -- the lunch budget on transform a half cocked. So I one day I was eight so the idea was to and it's also engaged it was kind of I saw it I know people criticized it. But a lot of their critique was was unfounded another critique was that somehow -- kick starter. The CEO picture came out and said recently just in the New York Times on on this past Sunday's that's actually be quite opposite was true it created a halo effect. And when when when high profile projects are brought in -- -- -- people marchers marshaled their entire fan base there and those people not only state but -- -- -- fund -- project. And that's that's the truth in the fact so I think there was some misinformation and and today's interwebs it cuts bond and so -- had to -- a little explaining. Well that's what it. Think people don't quite understand -- just hear the concept of it oh you went to your friends and said give me the money. In point if you haven't sort of -- these people and forced them to do things against either way I put something out there and said like anything in the marketplace here's something you could buy. Here's here's an advance copy of the soundtrack here's a cool teacher but in this case instead of just getting a cool T -- you also are paying for the movie and it's out of the box idea I get it. But. People it was like -- attacks -- attacks on your fuel I just said. If you're interested in this -- -- -- thing and 47. Thousand people across -- said yes.

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{"id":24620384,"title":"Zach Braff Responds to Kickstarter Criticism","duration":"2:13","description":"Zach Braff talks about \"Wish I Was Here\" and the Kickstarter campaign that made it happen.","url":"/Entertainment/video/zach-braff-responds-kickstarter-criticism-film-24620384","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}