Kate Gosselin: I Dance 'For My Kids'

"Dancing With the Stars" contestant Kate Gosselin tearfully responded to criticism today, saying that she uses her fame to help her kids, not the other way around.

"That just does me in. Any work that comes my way -- and this job [on 'Dancing'] is most cost effective," the reality star said. "If it could all go away because I was financially set and I could stay home and bake and cook from scratch, I'd like to do that. I'd so be there."

Gosselin is one of three mothers in the cast of "Dancing With the Stars" this year -- Pamela Anderson and Niecy Nash being the others -- and all have had to figure out a way to balance the demanding training regime with finding time to be with their kids.

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Gosselin reportedly had a dance studio installed in her basement so she'd never be far away from her many children.

"I have eight kids, and I'm a mom and I have a very full schedule anyway," she said on "Good Morning America" in early March. "Obviously, the kids come first. It's going to be hard. I'm determined to do it."

Gosselin gained fame on her TLC reality-TV show "Jon and Kate Plus Eight," which went off the air after she and husband Jon Gosselin got divorced. She commutes to and from Los Angeles for appearances on "Dancing With the Stars."

When asked if she had any dancing experience before the show began, Gosselin said, "not so much," adding that she isn't worried about the notoriously grueling physical preparation for the show. "I will be dancing in the basement" while the kids are in school or asleep for the night.

"That's the part I'm looking forward to," she said. "Beat my butt, because I need to do it. That part I'm not afraid of. Honestly, my mind is willing to do it. It's just making my body figure it out."

After her first dance, it looked like things weren't going as smoothly as Gosselin hoped. In a television clip that aired last week, Gosselin's partner, Tony Dovolani, walked out of a rehearsal after becoming frustrated with Gosselin.

Gosselin squeaked by the latest "DWTS" elimination round, edging out Shannen Doherty who was cut, but took harsh criticism from the judges.

Tune in tomorrow to see how things have been going since and how Anderson and Nash keep it together.

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