The Face of OCD


"If they touch the inside of my drawer, which my drawer only comes up to here, I feel like I have to throw them out, like some of them, like that one's already contaminated," she said. "It actually -- even though they are getting contaminated -- it makes it easier if it's down to one because then I don't have a choice."

Sometimes McIngvale's restrictive routines can be frustrating and cause her to lash out in emotion.

"This is when I really get frustrated because I know that right now, I am trying to find a shirt. I feel like all the ones in there are ruined. This is when I'm usually kicking the hole that's next to me, or whatever," she said.

McIngvale recently kicked a hole in her bathroom wall.

"I would say she probably never has good days," Linda said. "She probably just has not-so-bad ones."

For more information on OCD, visit the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation's Web site.

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