Embassies in Yemen Close as Security Forces Step Up Offensive Against Al Qaeda

"To keep the pressure on al Qaeda Central in Pakistan, we have also increased the pressure on its affiliates in Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere. That is why the president dispatched his counter terrorism advisor and the Commander of CENTCOM to Yemen earlier this year, and it is why we are increasing our investments in and training of Yemeni forces to counter al Qaeda and its murderous agenda.

"These efforts have already yielded important successes in disrupting al Qaeda efforts and plotting in Yemen. Our actions have made clear that we are determined to seek out and destroy al Qaeda wherever it might hide."

U.S. officials met with Saudi and Yemeni authorities this past weekend to discuss the threat of al Qaeda and the separatist movements in the country.

Even U.S. Gen. David Petraeus visited Yemen this weekend to meet President Ali Abdullah Saleh to thank him for his efforts in fighting terrorism and pledge further U.S. support. The senior army general also visited U.S. special operations teams that are helping train Yemenis in counterterrorism.

ABC News' Richard Coolidge and Jake Tapper contributed to this report.

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