The News You Missed: Man Buried in Car, Python Found in Toilet

Photo: The News You Missed: Man Buried in Car, Python Found in Toilet: Bill Weir Brings You the Weirdest and Wackiest Stories of the WeekABC News
The viewers asked for it, so "GMA Weekend" has saved the beloved series 'The News You Missed.'

You asked us not to kill it, so we brought it back. This is the newest installment of the News You Missed.

In New Harmony, Ind., the town clock needed to be fixed -- for the hefty price tag of $17,000. And what better way to save up than for town citizen Sally Roth to sell a giant zucchini? It sold for more that $200 on eBay.

In criminal news, Lisa Newsome was busted in Zachary, La., for trying to steal beer in a convenience store. Surveillance tapes caught her waddling through the store aisles with the beer between her legs. It took authorities several days to identify her and track her down. She was arrested Aug. 30 for the Aug. 22 crime.

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And in Australia, Eric Rantzau came home to use the bathroom and was shocked to find a 9-foot-long python coiled in his toilet. It took snake wranglers four tries to get it out. The snake was non-venomous -- it kills its prey by constriction.

In South Carolina, Lonnie Holloway passed away at the age of 91 with one wish: He wanted to be buried with his guns in his car -- a 1973 Pontiac Catalina. His cousin Johnny McCloud explained, "He said when he died, he didn't want to leave his guns here because somebody might take them and shoot somebody, so he took them with him."

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And finally, we're offering a helping of celebrity "Deep Tweets":

Ryan Seacrest passes on an African proverb: "Don't look where you fell but where you slipped."

And from Miley Cyrus: "Had my nightly cup of tea and now it's time to go off into some crazy dreamland! I hope I am dating Peter Pan again! That's my favorite dream!"

There you have it, the News You Missed!