Weekend Window: Kennebunkport, Maine

Located just 90 miles north of Boston, Kennebunkport, Maine, is the quintessential New England getaway spot.

While some visitors go for the Maine lobster, others go to take in the sights -- from rocky coasts to rainbows in the treetops.

"When you drive by the ocean, you see that wonderful sapphire blue color that only happens in the fall here," said Beverly Keough of the Kennebunkport Historical Society. "It sends chills up your spine."

Fall is a sight to behold in Kennebunkport -- which boasts legendary foliage of sugar maples and oaks.

The deciduous trees "add contrast to … Maine pines," Keough said. "They stay green and they add a wonderful background to the multi-colored trees. It touches all your senses. It's just magnificent."

Despite being such a small town, Kennebunkport's name may ring a bell with news consumers because it is the site of the vacation home of President Bush's family.

The Bush home, "Walker's Point," sits on a spot surrounded by jagged, rocky coastline jutting out into the ocean.

Jim Fitzgerald of the Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce said his town is reminiscent of another era.

"No gas stations, no traffic lights so you kind of come back to a very quant, old, rustic Maine community," Fitzgerald said. "We don't have any name-brand stores. They are all mom-and-pop stores."

It's evidently so quaint, even the president could not resist.

"One can't help but notice the incredible beauty of this area," Fitzgerald said. "Our colors are so vivid and bright, [it's] just a beautiful time of year here in Kennebunk."