Excerpt: Jed Rubenfeld's "Death Instinct"


looked back at Littlemore. "I'm not the one who needs to talk to you. It's Colette." "The girl you brought back from France?" said Littlemore. "She should be here any minute. If she's not lost." "What's she look like?" Younger thought about it: "Pretty." A moment later, he added, "Here she is." A double-decker bus had pulled up nearby on Fifth Avenue. Littlemore turned to look; the toothpick nearly fell out of his mouth. A girl in a slim trench coat was coming down the outdoor spiral staircase. The two men met her as she stepped off. Colette Rousseau kissed Younger once on either cheek and extended a slender arm to Littlemore. She had green eyes, graceful movements, and long dark hair. "Glad to meet you, Miss," said the detective, recovering gamely. She eyed him. "So you're Jimmy," she replied, taking him in. "The best and bravest man Stratham has ever known." Littlemore blinked. "He said that?" "I also told her your jokes aren't funny," added Younger. Colette turned to Younger: "You should have come to the radium clinic. They've cured a sarcoma. And a rhinoscleroma. How can a little hospital in America have two whole grams of radium when there isn't one in all of France?" "I didn't know rhinos had an aroma," said Littlemore. "Shall we go to lunch?" asked Younger.

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