Transcript: Chris Cuomo Interviews Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

CHRIS CUOMO: All reports about what's going on in Afghanistan point back to Pakistan, that that's where the Taliban leadership is, that that's where money and supplies are coming from, that that's where intelligence help is coming from, through the ISI. If that is the case, what can we do to help in Afghanistan that does not involve the United States going into Pakistan?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Well, first of all, these perceptions are created, and they are all wrong. Money. How can money come from Pakistan? Where -- where is -- where is the money in Pakistan? The Pakistan's government's money, our exchequer (PH)? Where is the money? So it's such a wrong perception. Money is from drugs, mainly, which are in Afghanistan.

They generate about $15 billion, maybe $4 billion to $5 billion (UNINTEL) there in Afghanistan. So what -- what money are we talking of? Obviously the money flows from Afghanistan to Pakistan, in help of the Taliban in Pakistan and the Taliban (UNINTEL) weapons. Where are the weapons in Pakistan? Is the Pakistan army supplying the weapons?

CHRIS CUOMO: Are they?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Not at all. Pakistan army is very -- one bolt of a rifle lost in Pakistan. We have (UNINTEL) such strong systems of maintenance and -- holding of weapons -- a person can be court marshaled for that. So let me -- even -- it is far, far better than the weapon that the American troops hold, because there's a lot of (UNINTEL) maybe that goes on there.

Pakistan army's weapons can never be pilfered. That that is not -- let these perceptions not be there. The weapons, again, are coming from Afghanistan to Pakistan, so Pakistan, unfortunately, is blamed for exporting every -- it's an import. Weapons and money comes from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Let that be very clear.

CHRIS CUOMO: Then what about the allegation that the leadership of the Taliban are in Pakistan? Why would they be there if there were nothing there for them?

PERVEZ MUSHARRAF: Right. Now who is the leadership of the Taliban? It's Mullah Omar, in -- in the Taliban of Afghanistan broadly have a unified command. In Pakistan, it is not the case. The leadership of Taliban in Afghanistan almost vast majority is Mullah Omar. And Mullah Omar very much is in Afghanistan, and I am absolutely 100 percent sure. This talk of some people who talk of Quetta shura and all that. Mullah Omar has never been into Pakistan. All these years, he was there maybe as a young -- young boy, where he studied in some (UNINTEL). He has never come to Pakistan. Where are the others, now? Who are the other Taliban? In Pakistan, everyone may call himself Taliban.

All these people in South Waziristan, North Waziristan, Swat, all these people of various parties, groups, call themselves Taliban. Even-- an extremist in the heart of Islamabad, in the red mosque calls himself -- (UNINTEL) to Taliban. So who are the Taliban? It's -- it's -- doesn't have one unified monolith command structure. So where are they now?

And they are the people who have sympathy with the Taliban. And they don't -- many of them, these people that I am talking of, they don't go to Afghanistan. It's the people -- the people the Taliban in groups who go across. And-- fight there. And it's across the -- in Afghanistan that they are -- have a unified command under Mullah Omar.

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