Coolhaus' Secrets to Perfect Homemade Ice Cream

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With the Fourth of July fast approaching, it's the perfect time to dust off your ice cream machine and treat yourself. Coolhaus, an ice cream sandwich company, is here to ensure success in your ice cream pursuits. Follow its simple tips and the instructions that come with your ice cream machine, and you'll be sure to get a perfect scoop.

Top Tips for Making Ice Cream

If you are using fruit in ice cream, cook the fruit with sugar so that is becomes a compote. Otherwise, fruit chunks or pieces pieces will lock in water as they freeze and will become unpleasant to bite into.

When cooking the custard, use a moderate heat. If the heat is too high the eggs will cook.

Add mix-ins such as chocolate chips or chopped nuts at the very end of making ice cream, otherwise they will all sink to the bottom.

After ice cream is made, freeze for five hours before eating for optimal texture.